Into the Dark: Venom

Joey Fitzgerald, Crown Writer

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Marvel is back with yet again another box office hit. Venom was released on October 5, 2018, and has been a hit making over $205 million with their first four days of the global launch. Some believe this movie is the best released since Marvel’s Infinity War, which came out earlier in the year. The movie is about journalist Eddie Brock trying to take down Carlton Drake the leader of the Life Foundation because they run a test that torture, and kill humans. While Brock is investigating Drakes foundation, he is attacked, and mutated with a life form known as a symbiote whose name is Venom. After mutating Brock is left with superhuman abilities that he tries to control over Venom.

I was filled with excitement when I found out this movie was being released like other fans of these movies probably are too. I am a Marvel fan, but I especially like Venom. While watching the movie, the plot is pretty easy to follow, and it flows well throughout the movie with little to no confusion. This Anti-Villain film is filled with action-packed scenes, with comedy pieced throughout the film. Director Ruben Fleischer talked about how the movie was awesome to make, and working with an actor like Tom Hardy who elevates his acting all the time is fantastic. Aiden McCrea (12) stated, “It was great. It was packed with action, and comedy, and just made for a great overall film.”

It’s not easy to make an entire movie about one of Spider-Man’s villains, but Marvel did it and did it well. Venom has a point that not many might know, and it is used as a setup movie. It is to get to know the character Venom, and how he and Eddie Brock get acquainted together. Now with that Marvel will be looking to have a squeal movie that will feature more villains. Marvel has not released on when that will come out, but I’m sure it will all be worth the wait.


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