The Final Game

Emily Richie, Crown Writer and Photographer

While the crowd fills the stands, senior parents walk out onto George Harding Field and Landers Pavillion with their athlete, as it is the final time that they will play a home game at Marian Central. After years of playing the sport and dedicating their time, the season winds down to an end, and it is time to say goodbye. The athletes reflect on the lessons that were learned and reminisce on the memories that were made.

Mixed feelings surrounded the seniors and their parents during their final game. Sadness was a common feeling among most as “it was split up into two days making it rough for everyone” Amy Herff (12). Amy will be attending UW- Oshkosh in the fall of 2019. She is continuing her love for athletic training by majoring in kinesiology. “I love the muscles and bones, and with me being an athlete, I like being around other athletes too” Herff (12).  As for advice to new trainers, “if you give your time and effort, you will gain respect from the athletes” Herff (12). Bittersweetness also surrounded Lilli Leggett (12), as she played her final volleyball game at Marian Central.“I still can’t believe my high school career is almost over, but I can’t help but smile because it has been a fun run” Leggett (12). Although she is unsure of where she will be going to college as of now, her goal is to “play somewhere” Leggett (12). Even when Lilli isn’t playing volleyball, she is always thinking about the next time she will be playing volleyball. The love for volleyball and supporting her teammates is definitely important to her. “It’s really important to pick up your teammates, and to realize that you can’t always choose the lineup or change a call, but to love and support my teammates” Leggett (12). “There’s so much more to the world than volleyball, play for fun and your love for the game” Leggett (12).

Gratitude fills A.J. Leidig as he says “there is no better feeling than playing on George Harding Field” Leidig (12).“We have the best stadium and the loudest crowd in the state, and I’m so thankful for that” Leidig (12). Cane Crew is a group of dedicated upperclassmen who lead the crowd in cheers and chants to help keep a positive and exciting environment for the football players. After countless hours of practice, “being able to play with the same guys I played with in fourth and fifth grade is pretty special” Leidig (12). As for new players to the football program, “buy into the program and the coaching and always give 100%” Leidig (12).

As it is time to leave her friends and high school, Jenelle Bongiovanni is sad “that it is time to leave” Bongiovanni (12). Leaving friends is hard, but Senior night is also a time to celebrate the year teams had. She will be continuing dance at UW-Whitewater in Milwaukee. “I like that it is close to home, but also still far” Bongiovanni (12). “Getting to know the seniors, and everyone, before they go and enjoying the moments, is important” Bongiovanni (12). Lastly, “practices may be hard and sometimes stressful, but it’s all worth it in the end” Bongiovanni (12). Sadness is common, as Gaby Sarto is sad that her four years of cheerleading at Marian are all over. “Thinking back to my first game as a freshman makes me sad that it’s all over” Sarto (12). She hopes to continue her love for cheer in college but does not know yet where she will be attending. This year the cheerleading team made friendship and reliability a focus, which has increased their family bonds. Being a cheerleader requires the ability to “make changes, whether that be the way you stunt or the music choice” Sarto (12). “Remember that it is a high school sport and that it shouldn’t be stressful, have fun and cheer loud” Sarto (12).

As Senior night concludes, the feelings surrounding the coaches, parents, and athletes will not be forgotten. These feelings and many more will always be surrounded by the countless memories of 4 years at Marian Central. As the seniors move away to college, parents will miss them, but know that they will be back to visit. Students at Marian will also miss the seniors, but it is time for them to remember the good times and get ready for the next senior class to pave the path for the school.