The Key to Serving Others

Jordyn Balduf, Crown Writer and Photographer

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Key Club is traditionally the largest and longest-running service club at Marian Central.  Not only does it instill important life skills, but it also creates good morals for those who want to put others before themselves. For many, it’s a fantastic way to give back to the community. Special deeds are done throughout the year such food pantries, volunteering and nursing homes, and services like Marian Cares. With Mrs. Kelly (apart of our beloved Marian Central staff) as the main supervisor and Ellen Sharp (12) as the newly appointed President, this year continues the tradition of success and service.

Key Club is filled with determined students to help spread the school’s mission statement, “dedicate ourselves; to welcoming all who seek Truth and strive to live by it; to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ—the Way, the Truth, and the Life—by our sharing of the Catholic faith in word and deed.” Freshmen coming into high school should know that this club provides opportunities for them to grow more into the Marian Central family. Carly Hill (11) explains, “It’s a great way to become involved and meet new people with the same goal as you.” With meetings every Wednesday to charity events every month, strong relationships are bound to be formed; not only with those getting served but also with the rest of the team. “I am a board member so I write the monthly articles,” even though Hill is apart of the Key Club board, anyone can help out with bringing a good attitude, creative ideas, and a helping hand.

Key club is a good way to give Marian Central students a chance to take a step up and help the community. Teamwork is important because it supports a more empowered way of working and it includes the characteristics of each person. Everyone must work together to succeed. Especially when you are feeding 500 or more empty mouths for an event. With one of the biggest service events around the corner, every member in Key Club has a specific job to make it successful. About three-quarters of Key Club will be in attendance for Marian Cares. Trucks are stationed outside stocked with food and everyday necessities. A ticket program is installed for the clients and they are given shopping carts to browse. Everyone is excited for Marian Cares taking place on October 19.“This is the fifth year that we’ve held Marian Cares.  The compassion and enthusiasm that our students convey in their actions make a significant impact on our guests. Countless times guests remarked that the students give them hope, that this mobile pantry is their favorite because of how kind the kids are, that they’re incredibly thankful for all the students do.  I will forever be proud of the students for serving so selflessly and making life a little brighter for so many families in our community,” said Mrs. Kelly.  The students get to experience the pure gratitude expressed by the clients. While on the other hand, the clients are overcome with welcoming attitudes and given important items needed for a daily routine.  Every year this event grows in success and numbers. Some families wait all year just to be able to attend Marian Cares. This charitable program has a special place in everyone’s hearts.

I will forever be proud of the students for serving so selflessly and making life a little brighter for so many families in our community.”

— Mrs. Amy Kelly

If you can’t take part in Marian Cares, there are other activities you can participate in every week. “I haven’t done many events yet because this is my first year but everyone is so welcoming,” said Faith Diamond (11). However, the next couple of months will be hectic with exciting service opportunities. The holidays are known to be a time of prosperity and love. What better ways are there to spread love through a Christmas charity event? The Spina Bifida event focuses on young children who suffer from a disease that affects the backbone. Most of the time these children are left with crutches or being confined to a wheelchair. This event brings a sense of Christmas to those who may not be able to stand up. The members of Key Club dress up in joyous costumes and spread the holiday spirit to the kids.

Key Club it shapes students as conscious and charitable citizens of the world. Countless early mornings and late nights become worth it after seeing pure joy spread across the face of those being helped. Volunteering for these events will instill a sense of compassion and create relationships with the individuals that you help. The next time Key Club is hosting a charity event, be sure to think about signing up to help give back to the community.

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