College Commits

Molly Fitzgerald, Crown Writer and Photographer

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High School athletes work hard every day for four years to get an offer from a college. Now is finally the time for Marian’s own, Maggie Finnegan, Amber Reynolds, and Lauren Payton (12) to sign for their college commitment. Their friends and family surround them to support this achievement. College is completely different itself and you have to prepare for this higher level of play and competition. Every athlete has to continue working hard because being a college athlete is not an easy task.

Maggie Finnegan (12) will be signing to Penn State for softball this month, making it official since she had verbally committed her freshman year. She has been playing softball for eleven years and has loved every minute of it. Finnegan (12) said, “The most exciting thing about being able to play at Penn State is the higher level of competition that I’ve been preparing for my whole life.” She continued, “I knew I wanted to go to Penn State because the atmosphere of the campus was super welcoming and they have a large number of educational opportunities available.” Finnegan (12) signed November 14th and will be playing infield and outfield for Penn State the end of this upcoming June.

Continuing with the notion of athletic excellence from the Class of 2019, Amber Reynolds (12) signed to Trinity International for basketball this November. She has been playing basketball for seven years. She committed to Trinity this past September. Reynolds said, “Committing was a weight off my shoulders. I had been visiting schools all summer, and when I finally committed it was full of emotion and relief.” She has been training every day with personal trainers, school practices, and AAU basketball all year round to prepare for being a college athlete. She explained, “My favorite thing about Trinity International women’s basketball team is all the girls on the team. They are like family and I felt completely welcomed and already apart of the team joining open gyms and visits.” Amber will be joining the Trinity International family next August.

Lauren Payton (12) will be signing to St. Louis University this month. She has been swimming competitively for nine years. Lauren committed this past October. Lauren spoke about what she has been doing to prepare for the level of college competition. “I have been training 7 days a week for the past 3 years. My practices consist of  2 hours of swimming each day, dry land practice twice a week, and weight training twice a week as well.” Her strokes consist of the butterfly, freestyle, and backstroke. The events she swims in at nationals are the 200 butterfly, all distance backstroke events, and the 200 backstrokes. She competes at a national level and she is excited to bring her talents to SLU.

**Addition: Regan Dineen (12) signed to Murray State for Track on November 19th.

All of these athletes have been working to perfect their sport. Each person has put in hours of practice to make it to a school that has everything that they are looking for. Once a person is committed to a college they are relieved of all the stresses of searching for the place that they want to spend the next 4 years. Congratulations to all of these signees from the Marian Central family!


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