Countdown to Christmas

Emily Richie, Crown Writer and Photographer

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Snow softly drifting in, scented candles filling the room with the aroma of Christmas trees, and hot chocolate brewing to prepare for snuggling in on cold winter nights. It’s that time of year when many tune in to watch Hallmark Christmas movies, as they begin their own countdown to Christmas. Since 2009, the Hallmark Channel plays a variety of Christmas movies that many plan to watch throughout the season. With twenty-two brand new movies, showing every Saturday, Sunday and a few extra days leading up to Christmas, As Hallmark continues to expand to its movies and receive over 17.6 million views, many make this an annual holiday tradition.  

With actresses and actors making recurring occurrences in hallmark movies, audience members may get the sense of the “same plot or ending,” Lauren Harding (10) throughout the movies. “The theme is nine out of ten times, love,” stated Ava Palminteri (10). As the number of movies increases, an original idea may be hard to create considering it has been nine years of this tradition. Hallmark has been coming up with new ideas every year to promote their channel and get viewers excited for the new movies including, A Crown for Christmas, Once Upon a Holiday, and Christmas Under Wraps. A Crown for Christmas is about a maid (Danica McKellar) from New York City who gets fired and gets offered a job to be a governess at a castle and then falls in love with the prince (Rupert Penry-Jones). Once Upon a

Holiday is about a runaway princess (Briana Evigan) who runs into a young man (Paul Campbell) who shows her the city and soon fall in love with each other. Christmas Under Wraps is about a doctor (Candace Cameron Bure) who doesn’t get the position she wants, and ends up going to Alaska and meets the handyman of the town (David O’ Donnell) and together they fall in love. With movies like these and many more, families get a feeling of joy and happiness throughout the Christmas season.

Traditions are built around Hallmark Channel as families gather together to watch the holiday movies together. “ I love Christmas, so it just makes me even more excited for Christmas” Emily Ostrowski (11). Families look forward to watching Hallmark throughout the Christmas season as the calendar leads up to Christmas, and they gather to watch the warm heartfelt romance movies. Some may countdown to Christmas with Hallmark movies daily, while others may tune in occasionally to get into the Christmas feelings of the holiday season.

While some think it is too early for Christmas movies, Hallmark annually begins to air the movies each November in order to kick off the Christmas season. After years of playing hallmark Christmas movies, the movies and channel’s reputation have grown more popular. Hallmark strives with every movie to send an important message and give happiness to those who watch it. It truly gives a special countdown to Christmas that will continue to reoccur for years to come.

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