‘Tis The Season

Carly Hoover, Crown Writer and Photographer

Signs of winter have already begun showing, with flurries here and there and temperatures dropping fast. Every year, stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels start putting out their holiday decorations earlier and earlier. So the question needs to be asked, how early is too early for Christmas? Seeing as Halloween has barely passed, is it time to get into the holiday spirit or not? People have varying opinions about this topic as it reappears every single year.

Radio stations are already getting ready to blare their Christmas music through the speakers, but are the listeners ready as well? “Any day before Halloween is too early for anything Christmas because it is still spooky season and that should be respected,” claims Maggie Gillaspie (10), “If a station plays Christmas music before Halloween it’s a bit overkill.” Christmas music is one of the easiest ways to get into the holiday spirit, and can always cheer somebody up.

Christmas decorations are a large part of the holiday season. Stores have already begun to supply decorations to customers and people have mixed reactions. Delaney Yarwood (11) joyfully explains, “Seeing Christmas decorations in stores puts me in the spirit to decorate my room and makes me very excited for the holidays. Even if it’s only the beginning of November, I will never be upset to see Christmas stuff out.”  The sight of Christmas decorations can stir up a feeling of excitement for many people, seeing as the holidays are approaching.

Advertisements about the upcoming holidays are posted on every TV and website. Christmas has become very commercialized over the past few years with different commercials and promotions posted on every platform possible, including sporting events, tv interviews, and many other features. Danny Truckenbrod (12) states, “Christmas has become too commercialized. It’s all about Santa and gifts and no longer focused on Jesus.” This shows how in recent years, people have become more focused on the giving and receiving part of Christmas, whereas the religious background and true reason for the holiday have been forgotten.

As opinions vary there’s no way to decide when it’s too early to begin the Christmas cheer. While the media may be pushing Christmas to start earlier each year, people can decide when they would like to start celebrating whenever they’d like. The holidays bring back a multitude of memories and feelings for every family in the world.