A Traditional Christmas

Molly Fitzgerald, Crown Writer and Photographer

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It’s Christmas time and every family has a different way a celebrating the Christmas season. Most families have something special that they do every year. Family traditions can range from the way you put up your lights outside your house to the types of Christmas cookies that you make. Everyone celebrated one of the biggest holidays of the year in many different ways.

The Kelly family kicks it all off with baking and cooking on Christmas Eve. Reagan Kelly (11) said, “Later we always go to the 5:00 pm Nativity mass and then go to a close family friend’s house.” There they eat prime rib and twice baked potatoes. Once they get home they put out cookies, toffee bars, and reindeer food. Christmas morning comes around and they have to wait at the top of the stairs until everyone is awake. Then as they open presents her dad takes videos. After presents, her mom makes cinnamon rolls and they all have to watch the Grinch together. Kelly explained, “We usually stay in our pajamas most of the day and my mom makes Lamb chops for dinner.”

The Gatz family has another take on the Christmas tradition. Gatz explained, “ On Christmas Eve my whole family goes over to my grandparent’s house and we always play games and open presents.” They continue after that to go to midnight mass. Then they return home and wake up early in the morning to open presents on Christmas morning and has a family day.

In the Rodriguez Household, they celebrate by starting off their traditions on Christmas Eve. Elon Rodriguez (10) said, “ It starts out as a normal day but then at 10 we usually play a family game of Monopoly.” One year they had started it and have continued to play Monopoly for the past four years. Then they feast the rest of the night.

Traditions with your family and friends are what makes Christmas so special. Everyone gathering around on Christmas morning to watch them open presents and giving presents to other people and watching their eyes light up as they love their present. Christmas is not only a  time of giving but, also an amazing celebration that brings the whole family together.

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