All I Want For Christmas Is…My Favorite Song

Ava Palminteri, Crown Writer and Photographer

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The Christmas season is in the air and with it comes to holiday music. The joyful melodies, happy beats, and festive lyrics fill every room, car, and store during this special time. While all songs for this holiday are well-made, some stand out above the rest. There are fan favorites among many, but every individual person has their own number one Christmas tune.

The classic Christmas songs such as “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, “ Let it Snow”, “It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas”, and more have been playing on the radio throughout the season because of their popularity. “My favorite is ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’, because it reminds me of the winter season and I like the sound of it”, says Madison Baird (10). This song, originally sung by Esther Williams & Ricardo Montalbán (1949), has been sung over and over again by multiple different artists in unique ways. The fact this song is being remade to honor the original so many times shows just how good the original was. Baird can attest to this because even now, almost seventy years later, the song is still one of her favorites. This song proves classics are considered such for a reason.

Newer songs, even though they have not been around as long, are also played on the radio and carry the same message as classics but with a more modern feel. “I like ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ by Pentatonix”, says Emma Dalton (9),” I like the music in it and the way the group sings it”, claimed Dalton. The modernized ‘pop’ feel made its way into Christmas songs, with the Pentatonix track, released in 2014, as an example. Songs now utilize updated lyrics, modern instrumental techniques, and younger artists. This acapella group gives people chills with their beautiful vocals and talent which, when put together, make the song elevated above the rest.

New or old, each Christmas song brings something different to the table. Some tracks bring something completely new and never done before. For example,  “Carol of the Bells”, redone by the “Trans-Siberian Orchestra” in 2012, is something unique in the Christmas music genre. This remake of 1996 original includes electric guitars, rock drumming, and electronics. It’s a modern twist on a Christmas classic that the younger generation can enjoy more. “It’s a song I can listen to outside, inside, and just anytime in any situation”, explains Izzy Mancini(11). Songs like this show how music has changed over the years and how it affects the Christmas genre. The style, rhythm, lyrics, and instruments changed but both songs have the same festive feel.

Around Christmas time festive music is in the air. There is a great variety of songs; each with its own different lyrics, beat, and message. While most songs for this holiday are well made and catchy, some are fan favorites and for good reason. Songs like “Baby It’s Cold Outside” are liked for their classic and holiday feel. Other favorites like “Mary, Did you know?” are enjoyed because of the modern twist brought into the song. Even tunes like “Carol of the Bells” are listened to because of the different and unique style. However, no matter what the melody, artist, or theme each winter song has one thing in common. They all focus on and celebrate one of the world’s favorite holidays, Christmas.

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