Coloring Inside The Lines: A Passion For Art

Ryan Borchardt, Crown Writer & Photographer

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Many people find themselves doing something they love and enjoy to do at a young age and that thing sticks with them. Some have a passion for music, others for sports, and some for art.  As the year has gone on, the passion for creation and art has stemmed with freshman Julia Widhalm. She was thoughtfully and correctly selected by art teacher Mrs. Erin Widmayer because she noticeably stood out, from outstanding artwork to all the effort she puts into her pieces.

Many artists find their passion for art at a young age and pursue it in their lives.  “I remember being six or seven when I started to really draw,” stated Widhalm. We all can recall walking into a restaurant to enjoy dinner with the family, and the instant excitement when the hostess asks if you would like crayons. Sitting down at the table and blocking everything out as you concentrate on staying inside the lines. Widhalm is very passionate about her work and always does a great job. “I plan to take art all four years, and even possibly attend art school.” Julia’s work is even featured at Marian’s art awards night. Widhalm recalls a moment of not only shock but also excitement when she received the news that many of her works would be featured at the awards night. Many dropped their jaws as they viewed her complex works, and she received a lot of praise for her work.

There are hundreds of forms of art. They range from coloring to pastel to stippling. Widhalm claims “My favorite form of art is sketching. You just think as you go.” Sketching is often a form of freehand art, and the artist can draw whatever they desire. “You don’t need to know what you’ll draw.” Artists also make themselves most comfortable with a specific art tool. Widhalm prefers a graphite pencil above everything else.

Often times, the talent stems from the student and progresses with guidance from their teachers. Mrs. Widmayer says that Widhalm stood out to her because “She has this true gift and a wonderful eye for realism and that’s something that isn’t teachable.” Widhalm’s artwork is phenomenal and truly shows her raw talent. Widhalm draws pretty much any and everything. She draws inspiration to draw or sketch anything that comes to mind.  “She knows what she’s doing,” Mrs. Widmayer continued. Widhalm’s father went to art school and very heavily inspired her to pursue art. Mrs. Widmayer looks forward to having Widhalm as a student in the next three years to come.

Julia Widhalm has had a passion for art for the past ten years.  She never fails to amaze family and friends with her work, and her hard work and effort earned her a spot to be spotlighted not only by the Crown but at the Art Awards. Widhalm’s artwork will continue to amaze people throughout her time here at Marian Central.

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