Flashback Christmas

Jordyn Balduf, Crown Writer and Photographer

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Christmas is a time for spreading kindness to loved ones and getting involved in the festive fun. As a young child, many of us have different holiday experiences. Some call to mind building snowmen until the sun would start to dim. A child’s imagination brings the snowman to life and it becomes a friendly souvenir of Christmas. Memories of intense snowball fights with the neighborhood kids in the area are hard to forget. As we grow older, the memories are cherished and new activities and traditions arise. The merry winter activities that used to take up days on end are buried with the reminiscences. However, Is there any chance of reviving these nostalgic memories?

Preparing for December twenty-fifth floods the mind of Christmas pasts for a memorable holiday season.  “Every year I set up the Christmas tree with my family, we like to drink hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music as we do so,” said Spanish Teacher Karen Streelman. She explains how setting up the decorations plays an important role in the holiday season. “The simple activity helps us slow down from everyday life and actually take in the moment.” Being able to spend time with loved ones is one of the best gifts a person could ask for. Another way to prepare is to make a list. “I remember asking for he newest and coolest toys I found while watching advertisements for Disney Channel.” described Skylar Wirtz (12). In our youth, wish lists were written with rows of new toys to be shared with Santa and loved ones, not through the ease of Amazon Wish-Lists being a click away. As she has grown, Wirtz (12) loses countless hours on Christmas Eve working on last-minute present wrapping and focuses on giving to others rather than what she will be receiving this year.

Christmas in itself is a beautiful season. The white, glistening snow sparkles off the trees and multi-colored lights are strung up to bring a cozy feeling to neighborhoods. All of these details are set up in preparation for the birthday of Jesus Christ. “My family and I celebrate Christmas for Jesus. I remember reading through a pop-up nativity set every night and eating chocolate off of a Christmas calendar,” exclaimed Paige Berry (10). Berry (10), like many students, have Christmas traditions that they celebrate each year. These rituals bring us back to focusing on what is the most important reason for the holiday, Jesus’ birth.  No matter what you believe, religion plays a huge role at during the Holiday season for kindness and compassion. 

Memories make us who were are as a person. They influence how we act, how we spend our days, and how we grow.  Memories that are made as a child are meant to be cherished when the individual grows up. “What I miss most is building an igloo with my neighbors and not having my body hurt after the fact,” recalls Math Teacher, Brooke Poci with a laugh. “Familiar faces drift away, however; the childhood memories stay forever. I am grateful for the old days because I made memories with my family I can never forget, but I can also remember it all again each year,” said Wirtz (12) with a smile. 

Once the Christmas countdown is over, everyday life resumes. Preparation for Christmas has come to an end.  The flashy ornaments are taken off the tree and all the wrapping paper is scattered among the floor. However, the overwhelming feeling of warmth and the memories of the jovial season linger forever. Traditions and rituals will be passed on to generation to generation to be used again every year on December twenty-fifth.

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