The True Meaning of Christmas

Emily Richie, Crown Writer and Photographer

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As the Grinch looks down on the Whos from Mt. Crumpit, he glares as he hates the Christmas Spirit. When the audience watches any of the three Grinch movies, the Christmas spirit gets spread to them making everyone’s Christmas just a little bit brighter. On November 9, 2018, The Grinch made a return in movie theaters for the third time. It has grossed 75 million dollars and counting. Retailers were ready for the “comeback” by selling a variety of Grinch products and showing commercials featuring the Grinch. The movie was shown twice prior in 2000, with Jim Carrey as the Grinch, and Boris Karloff as the voice of the Grinch in 1966.  

The Grinch focuses on the title character’s despise of Christmas, and his loyal dog, Max who lives with him. The Grinch lives on Mt. Crumpit just outside of Whoville, which is full of joyful whos, who love Christmas. The Grinch has always hated Christmas, so one day “he gets an idea, an awful idea.” (The Grinch) He decides to dress up as Santa Claus and ruin “Christmas” from Whoville. He dresses Max up as a reindeer, he goes to Whoville and steals all the presents, Christmas decorations, and food. He gets to the last houses and Cindy-Lou Who questions him, asking why he is taking Christmas away from them. Then, he realizes, that perhaps Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more. The movies end with the whos rejoicing with the Grinch about Christmas.

In 1966, the original Grinch movie came out. The concept was the Grinch stealing Christmas and then “returning” it and celebrating Christmas together. The original is a cartoon, and because of the original idea, many people like the old version better, since it was the first one that was made. It has a retro feel to it since it is 52 years old. The 25-minute cartoon is a classic that families continue to keep in their family Christmas traditions.

Over 30 years later, The Grinch made a return with Jim Carrey starring as the lead. The movie was different from the previous one, as it was a live action movie with an added backstory for the main character. Jim Carrey’s portrayal of the Grinch was “so amazing,”  said RJ Thielsen (10). and he is “very expressional.” The production process was much different because of costumes, makeup, set design and more, versus the animation and voice acting of the cartoon.

Announced in early 2018, the Grinch was anticipated to return in early November after 18 years since the last production of the movie. This movie was different as it had “Christian aspects” Brian Hopp (10). “The movie included some Christmas music where Jesus was mentioned, and there were angel ornaments on trees which made it feel like the actual focus was on Christmas” Hopp (10). This movie also portrayed Cindy- Lou Who differently. She was focused on her “good mood”Thielsen. Cindy- Lou Who is very cheerful and excited for Christmas and she wants to meet Santa instead of the way she was in the first two movies. Whereas the first two movies she is sleeping, hears a noise, and talks to Santa.

As December begins, the Christmas season is beginning to be celebrated all around us from shopping for gifts to Christmas decorations being hung up, and time is spent with those we love. In the midst of all that’s happening around us, we learn from the Grinch that Christmas isn’t about everything that comes from the store. It is about being together with family and friends, celebrating the season, and knowing what Christmas really means.

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