Twinkling Trees

Carly Hoover, Crown Writer and Photographer

The annual Lighting of the Square is an iconic tradition for the city of Woodstock. Every year on Friday after Thanksgiving, families and friends join together in the historic square to watch the festive holiday lights turned on to commemorate the beginning of the Christmas season.  The Lighting of the Square has been a tradition for the city of Woodstock for many years, and people arrive on that Friday to watch this amazing show.

Preparation for the lighting starts weeks in advance, considering there are tens of thousands of twinkling lights being put up. Workers climb to great heights to install the lights in trees, shrubs, and along the buildings. “My favorite part of the lighting is singing the Christmas carols as the town all gather to begin the Christmas season together. It is heartwarming to see so many people in our small town come together to prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ,” exclaims Kathleen Stumpf (10) as she is reminded every year of how wonderful the Christmas season is.

Families gather every year to come and see the winter wonderland created by the hard workers. The multitude of people that arrive this one night is overwhelming. Between the cold weather and crowded sidewalks, it could be a turn off for some visitors. “This was my first time attending the Lighting of the Square,” explained, Theology teacher, Mr. Steve Lalor, “I met up with some of my old friends and it was great to see them and just hang out the whole night while enjoying the lights.” The square creates an inviting environment for people of all ages to come together and create new traditions or recollect on old ones.

Christmas traditions have been a part of families for generations. The Lighting of the Square is a tradition for the family of Woodstock as every year more and more people come to join in the fun and joy of the holiday season. Many will stop into local shops throughout the night to buy a cup of hot chocolate, browse for possible Christmas gifts, or just to get out of the cold for a few minutes. People come from all parts of the town of Woodstock and even from all over the county to celebrate together on this special night.