Music Behind The Musical

The orchestra practicing their musical pieces.

Ava Palminteri, Crown Writer and Photographer

The acting and singing part of the musical is clearly represented when performed live, but the true backbone of the show is the band playing in the background. Each year, students apart of the school band come together to form the pit band used for the musical. The music behind the musical is thanks to the pit band assembled each year.

As the musical gets closer and closer to opening night, the pit band works harder and harder to perfect the pieces of music they must perform. The band has not had a lot of time to practice so far but they are slowly increasing in skill. “It’s been slow going. We haven’t had a lot of time to practice and we’ve had a lot of interruptions. However, having a new piano player and percussionist will help everything fall into place,” says Elizabeth Kita (10). After some setbacks, the pit band gained Mrs. Barb Klein as their pianist and Father Jared Twenty as their new percussionist. Now that the band is complete the pit will practice until they are satisfied with how they play. With all the hard work and effort everyone is putting into the music, surely the end result will wow their audience.

Although the musicians perspective on how they are playing and progressing is important, the director’s thoughts on how the pit band is doing is equally useful. Mr. Andrew McKay, the new band and choir teacher, is the new director of the pit band. McKay has been able to work with the band for the past few weeks improving what needs to be and perfecting what the band already knew. “The group of students is doing well for the amount of practice we’ve had. Improvement is still needed, but I am confident we’ll get where we need to be soon,” says Mr. McKay. The confidence of a teacher can be very helpful in sparking hard work and determination in the students. With said determination, the pit band is sure to do well and perform their pieces perfectly.

Throughout the pit band practice experience, the members and Mr. Mckay have had their setbacks. Despite these setbacks, the students have continued to work hard and long for the perfect performance they will bring to light at the musical in February. Both the musicians in the band and the teacher running it agrees that they will succeed in bringing forth a good and strong performance. The group’s effort and skill combined will surely make for great music and help the musical be truly spectacular.