Get to Know Your Writer: Ava Palminteri

Conor Drafz, Crown Writer & Photographer

This school year’s new crop of additions to the Publications team is filled with talented and driven staff members. One of the association’s current members, Ava Palminteri, a sophomore at Marian Central, is a gifted writer on the rise, passionate to let her talents carry her far. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Palminteri and ask her some important questions that allowed her to demonstrate her personality and goals for the future.

Hi Ava. Is this your first year as a staff member? How has it been going so far?

Yes, this is my first year as a staff member. I think it’s going quite well. [The class] is a lot more relaxed then I thought it’d be. It’s still a lot of work, but it is less stressful then I had figured.

Have you always had a passion for writing? How did your passion begin?

Yes. I’ve always been interested in writing, from poetry to novels, to journalism. Its always captured my interest.

How did your passion begin?

In the 6th grade, we had to write a research paper about a country… I had fun doing it, and ever since then, my passion for writing has expanded from there.

How has working on the newspaper and yearbook impacted you as a writer and photographer?

When it comes to writing, it has strengthened my skills and has made me a better writer. I wasn’t interested in photography before taking this class but the more I do it, the more I enjoy it.

What is like getting interviews and taking photos? Has it pushed you out of your comfort zone?

I am a very shy person, so at the beginning and even a little now, it is hard going up to people I wouldn’t normally talk to, to ask for pictures and interviews. I would like to think it has made me more outgoing and willing to talk to others.

What are some goals that you’d like to achieve in the next coming years and onward?

For publications, I would very much like to be an editor. At Marian, I would like to focus on this class. In college, I would want to go down the writing path of journalism or the path of an author.

What is your dream college?

My dream school is Columbia because it has a fantastic writing program and I just really love New York. I’ve always wanted to live in a big city. I feel I would fit better in a city. I love the culture and the diversity of New York City.

Staying on the same track, what is your dream career?

My dream career could go two ways. The first is investigative journalism because you get the opportunity to travel and bring to light stories that would not be known otherwise. The second would be an author and writing a published book. I have a love for literature and I have a lot of ideas that could be turned to books.

A writer with a drive, Palminteri has a great love and determination for what she enjoys. One of the many new additions of writers and photographers for the newspaper, she is a welcome, one with ambitious dreams and a whole lot of talent.