Where Will I be in a Decade?

Molly Fitzgerald, Crown Writer

Everyone has a different image of what their life will look like in the future. For some people, it’s becoming a vet, a doctor, a lawyer, and for others it’s becoming a teacher, going into the military, or even beginning to start a family. The people’s lives ten years from now could drastically be different from what your life is like today.

As a high school student, many don’t think about where their life will take them in future years. Janelle Allen (11) explained, “I hope that I will be in medical school pursuing my dream of becoming a Neurosurgeon. I would like to have a small apartment of my own in a city somewhere. By this time I will be 26 and I hope to be very successful.”  While the medical field entails many years of schooling, residency, and training, the inspiration to begin such a promising and fulfilling dream is worth the journey. 

Another student, Hunter Schmidt (12) pictures it a little differently. “I see myself working in studios as a professional audio engineer, making money off of the music that I produce. I’m going to live a stress-free life, knowing that I’m accomplishing my goals and providing for the members of my family, however that may be at the given time. I see myself traveling a lot and experiencing some of the greatest things the world has to offer. I’ll also live in a house somewhere near the lake and spend most of my time outside.” Some students know exactly what they want to do with their lives and others may not and they just let life take them where they are supposed to be. Abby Todd (10) gave some thought into where she would be. “I imagine that in ten years I will have a good job doing something that I really love. I plan to have a family of my own someday, whenever that may be. I hope that I am still very close with my family and my friends and living somewhere near them.” Every person has a unique view of what their life might look like.

Every day is a journey and that is what the next decade will be like. Nobody knows what every single day in ten years will look like. We all have plans for the future and not everything is going to go the way it was planned including life. Each person just has to live their life day by day and strive for the goals that they have for the time ahead.