Team “Mom”

Joey Fitzgerald, Crown Writer

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During the sports season, it is the athletes and coaches that are in the spotlight.  However, a smooth sailing season would not be possible without the student managers to help pick up the extra duties to better facilitate practices and games or matches. These great student volunteers alleviate the stresses for the coaches and players alike.  The masters behind the scenes to share their love for the sport.

First, the Wrestling team at Marian is built like a family, but it wouldn’t be a family without the manager, Amy Herff (12). Herff is Marian’s first ever five-year manager and started in 8th grade when her brother was part of the team, and she wanted to spend more time with them. Herff said the team is what she loves most about managing she said, ”Our team is different. We all share a close bond more like a family, and that is what I love the most about it.” Next year she will be attending UW OshKosh where she will continue managing for the wrestling team.

Next also in the Winter season is Basketball Manager, Emma Baader (12). Baader is a four-year Manager with two years on the varsity team. The main thing for Baader is she loves doing it because she is with her friends. Baader said, ”My favorite part about managing is the excitement sitting courtside, and hanging out off the court.” Baader will miss the team, but because they are juniors she can come back, and watch next season. Next year, Baader plans on attending ISU and wants to manage, but is not sure if she will have the time.

Lastly, for the Volleyball season, the manager was Ellen Sharp (12). Sharp played on the team for two years, then decided to manage for the last two. Sharp said, ”Even though I wasn’t playing, I still wanted to be a part of the team, and the excitement that goes into it.” She loved sitting down cheering on her teammates, and she will miss the pre-practice Panera runs the most. Sharp is undecided on where she will be going next year and does not plan on managing.

Managing is a special thing. It is a role only some will take that requires a ton of responsibility. In some cases, a team wouldn’t run without a manager. So the Marian Family would just like to thank all of the Managers and wish them good luck at their future colleges.

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