Bienvenue, Nouveau Professeur de Français

“Mrs. Elizabeth Ghita assists a group of students in preparation of a class debate”

Conor Drafz, Crown Writer and Photographer

The new year has brought in new energy to the French department. Mrs. Elizabeth Ghita, a substitute teacher at Marian Central, is using her talents as a tool for the new position that she is currently teaching in. A longtime speaker of the French language, Mrs. Ghita knows a great amount of French culture and language, using these skills to her full advantage.

Mrs. Ghita has an extremely fascinating history with how she came to speak not only French but a few other languages as well, including Spanish and Maldivian. Her journey began back when she was in college and could not seem to find a job that had the proper fit. “I finished [college] and didn’t have a job I really liked so I interviewed with a company called Club Med. I got placed immediately in Martinique which is a French republic,” says Mrs. Ghita. At the time, she taught scuba diving as a way to pay through college and the move to Martinique gave her the opportunity to discover new talent. “In Martinique nobody, I mean nobody, speaks English there. So in order to sink or swim I had to learn the [French] language,” explains Mrs. Ghita, noting that it took about six months before she was almost completely fluent. The starkly different culture of Martinique meant that Mrs. Ghita had no choice but to make an attempt at speaking the language and trying to pick it up from people native to the region. She notes that “A lot of questions I learned on my own. Asking people ‘How do you say this, how do you say that.’ I was there for two and a half years, off and on, six months at a time.” Mrs. Ghita worked in not only Martinique but also several areas across the globe. This includes Spain, Tahiti, Mexico, as well as “all up and down the Caribbean.” In traveling throughout a variety of places around the world, Mrs. Ghita was able to discover multiple languages besides French. “Anytime you’re living in a country, you can’t help but pick up the language,” explains Mrs. Ghita. Through her time working for Club Med, Mrs. Ghita has developed a great understanding of not only the French language but other languages as well.

The experience of traveling to a diverse set of countries aids Mrs. Ghita in her current teaching position at Marian. At the moment, she teaches each level of French class. For the past year and a half, Mrs. Ghita has been a substitute teacher for a variety of classes, but this is the first time that she is continuously instructing a class. Mrs. Ghita is very vocal about how much she enjoys to teach at Marian. “I like [teaching at Marian]. The kids are great. It’s nice to share my knowledge of French culture with others that are encouraged to learn,” explains Mrs. Ghita. Her method of instruction is different than that of a regular classroom setting. Although she likes to challenge students to do their best, she enjoys making the classroom environment both energetic and interactive. “For the most part, the kids here really want to learn [French]… I want to make it fun for them,” notes Mrs. Ghita.

Mrs. Ghita has a passion for the French language and a knack for teaching. Her willingness and readiness to share her knowledge with students make her a welcome addition to Marian Central.