Boring Bowl

Joey Fitzgerald, Crown Writer

The football season has ended and the world knows the New England Patriots are the 2019 Super Bowl Champions. The Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history. Also, Tom Brady became the G.O.A.T winning his sixth ring passing up Charles Haley for most rings ever. For the game itself, it was a very well played on the defensive side of the ball allowing 16 total points on both sides. With all of that defense, there was only one turnover that Brady threw on the first drive of the game. The first points were scored in the fourth quarter.

As the whole world was waiting for the first touchdown late in the fourth quarter Tom Brady threw a 30-yard dime to Rob Gronkowski to set up the go-ahead touchdown run by Sony Mitchel that put the Pats up 10-3. The next drive, the Rams marched downfield with Jared Goff making a mistake not throwing the ball soon enough that cost his team a touchdown. Pats then kicked another field goal to extend the lead 13-3 which was the final outcome.

All that being said to me this was the most non-entertaining Super Bowl watched. The game was low scoring with few actions, and the two best teams in the league were not in the game. The Patriots deserved to be there, but the Rams didn’t they got lucky 2 weeks earlier on a blown call that would have resulted in a Saints win. Plus if the Saints make that game, the offense on both sides of the ball would have been more explosive, and more exciting to watch. It got to the point that my family was going on their phones, and was not watching the game because how boring it was. Now, all we can hope for is an exciting, higher scoring game to decide the World Champion next year.