Spring Into Sports

Emily Richie, Crown Writer and Photographer

As winter begins to die down, spring sports are beginning to start up. Marian has many sports to offer during the spring season. For boys, there is, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, and track and field. For girls, there is, soccer, softball, and track and field offered. Other activities include being an athletic trainer or being a manager for one of the Marian teams. Marian has many ways to stay involved and active throughout the spring season.

Mixed feelings surround many returning players as it may be their last year playing for Marian or they may be returning for another year to play. “I’m excited for the meets with my team because they are a lot of fun, and I also like the challenges each meet brings,” Dominique Thomas (10). With the long winter, many players are thrilled to get out and play.“I’m super excited for this season, I can’t wait to get out and play,” Hannah Mauer (10). However, there are also nerves surrounding new players as it is may be their first time playing the sport itself, or transitioning to playing for a high school team instead of a junior high team. New players may have a sense of nerves or fear entering into this next season of sports. We say good luck and farewell to seniors who are headed off to college. Seniors may be feeling excited about their last season, as they are playing the sport they love, but also bittersweet as these are the players they have been playing with for the last four years.

Lots of training has been done over the offseason to prepare for this season. Marian offers open gym days for players to practice and gets ready for tryouts, but also days where they can build strength, flexibility, or speed, in the weight room.“In the offseason, I prepared myself by doing a travel track program over the summer, and by working with my Dad who is also a track coach,” Dominique Thomas (10).  Many players play for clubs or attend camps near their house for a way to stay engaged in the sport and to keep skills they’ve learned fresh in their heads. By attending camps and playing for clubs, this helps athletes stay active and prepare for high school tryouts. Marian wishes the best to all players this spring season.