Kindness Starts Now

Ava Palminteri, Crown Writer and Photographer

Marian has always promoted kindness and care throughout the school. Friends of Rachel, a club dedicated to spreading kindness, is one way the school does so. More specifically, Kindness Matters Week is Friends of Rachel’s biggest event of the year. However, some students don’t know what it is, what happens during it, and when it is. There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered in order for students to understand and be excited to take part in the week.

Though it happens every year, some people are still confused as to what Kindness Matters Week. “It’s a week dedicated to spreading happiness and kindness through activities and decor,” says Gabby Sarto (12). The entire week reminds us to be kind to each other and is an anti-bullying week as well. Usually, throughout the week activities such as bake sales, coffee sales, and anonymous “kindness’ messages take place. Notes may be available to be gifted to people anonymously with kind and heartfelt messages on it to inspire the receivers. Teacher notes are also available throughout the week. Students can write notes to teachers with praise, jokes, or simple greetings. Posters made by the club are also hung up around the school to spread joy during the week. The hand made posters vary from puns to drawings, to advertising for the club. The week, in general, is filled with money raising events, kind messages, and joyous decorations.

Though the exact week has not been announced yet, it usually falls at the end of February or throughout March. Due to the amount of planning the events and decor take, the week tends to be at the end of the year. “The club has proposed for the week of March eighteenth to be Kindness Matters Week,” answers Avery Carlson (12), the senior leader of Friends of Rachel. Approval from the office is the only thing the club is waiting for. The office will need to answer fast because the week requires a lot of planning. The week needs a lot of advertisement so the date will need to be decided and announced soon.

Though this week is vital in spreading kindness throughout the school, outside of this time there are other things you can do. The simple acts of kindness people can do every day are good, but doing more is always encouraged. Ways students can promote friendship at Marian include: helping out with Kindness Matters Week, joining a charity club, and being a nice person in general. Students can assist with the week by joining the Friends of Rachel club, even just temporarily, and coming to meetings. “Any community service club at Marian would help promote kindness”, says  Lauren Wells(10). Therefore, joining one of them would also be an option. Though it may sound trivial, doing simple but nice acts on a daily can improve the environment and promote goodwill throughout the school. The week is not the only time we can be nice and respectful to each other, it’s just emphasized then.

Being a Catholic school, kindness is a cornerstone of Marian’s beliefs. That’s why there’s an entire week out of the year dedicated to it. Kindness Matters Week, which is organized for the Friends of Rachel club, promotes anti-bullying concepts and caring for others around you. Kindness is one of the most important qualities a human can have. As Rachel Scott said,” I have a theory that is one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same”. It is the school’s goal that this week of care and niceness will hopefully start that said chain reaction.