Students in the Spotlight

Theater 2 students gather for a picture after the successful show!

Carly Hoover, Crown Writer and Photographer

Ever wanted to experience the magic of theater, but don’t have the time to make a commitment to the school musical, black box, or spring play? Intro to Theater and Theater 2 offer the opportunity for students to participate and learn more about theater and what happens on and off the stage. Twice a year, the Theater 2 class puts on a student-written and performed showcase free for anyone to come and enjoy. The showcase this year was on Friday, March 1, 2019. Students spent much time preparing and getting ready for their performance. They were getting ready to show off what they’ve learned throughout the year so far.

Theater 2 and Intro to Theater are some fun and creative electives that Marian students are eligible to take starting freshman year, beginning with the Intro to Theater class. If students enjoy their experience in Intro, then they can choose to take Theater 2 or Theater 2 Honors the following year. “I took theater two last year because ever since I had joined the theater family back in my sophomore year, I have learned how welcoming and kind most, if not all, the people in the theater are. I’ve met some of my best friends in theater, so of course if given the opportunity to do what we both love in a class at Marian, of course, I’m jumping on board that class!” stated Senior Caleb Kwasigroch. Junior Emily Ostrowski also explained why she enjoys taking the class this year, “My favorite part of the class is the partner work. Every project we do, we get to work with someone and it really helps form those bonds.” Theater classes at Marian help to empower students and get them out of their comfort zone if they may not be used to the spotlight. The annual Theater 2 class showcase can greatly impact this.

Much time and preparation have been put into this show. The show was written by senior Andrea Sanchez and given to the students to perform and make it their own. Balancing school work, extracurriculars, and writing a one-act play can be a little challenging, but Andrea Sanchez had no problem completing the task. Taking inspiration from personal experience, Andrea explained the inspiration behind her play. “Last year, my junior year, when I took theater two, Mrs. Connell gave us the assignment to write a one-act play. I remember thinking to myself that I really want to write an emotional piece and to me, I find military stories really emotional. I tried so hard to create one out of thin air, but I was having trouble…Well after struggling to come up with an idea, I thought, hey, why don’t I write about a girl whose dream is to join the military but can’t because her heart condition has worsened. Basically, I wrote this play based on my fear of my innocent heart murmur worsening and preventing me from joining the military. But good news, I got cleared by my cardiologist and I am able to join the military.” The sentimental meaning behind this show really tugged at the hearts of the audience and cast members.

For no cost at all, Marian students and families can go see their friends perform and prove what they have learned throughout the year. Between the tech crew backstage and the performers on stage, everyone has a place where they can contribute to the production.