Swinging into Spring

Molly Fitzgerald, Crown Writer

Spring is here and that means so is softball season. This is the first year that the Marian Central softball team will be traveling to Murfreesboro, Tennessee during Spring Break. A new season will allow the team to grow and have an even better season than previous years. This upcoming season the team will be playing in around 35 games and that will give them the opportunity to show what they can do, especially for the 8 seniors.

A few of the members of the team shared their thoughts on the new season. Megan Bokowy (12) said, “I am excited for this season and the chance to travel to Tennessee, as well as bringing home some hardware this year.” This year will be Bokowy’s last season before she heads off to Kentucky for school next fall. Another player, Molly Finnegan (10) stated, “I am really excited to play with all my teammates again and I’m really excited to play with my sister  one last time.” Molly Finnegan has an older sister Maggie Finnegan who is a senior heading off to Penn State next year to continue playing softball. Kaeti Miller (12) also added, “I hope that I make my last season the best and make it one for the books.” This year the team is almost the same as it was last season except for the loss of two seniors, and the gain of three freshmen. The team has eleven returning players

A new year is a fresh start and can allow the team to develop their skill set and improve their overall record. The team has been preparing for this year by practicing every day and working on their fundamentals. The seniors are especially excited about their last season, but also sad that this will be some of their last times on a softball field. We wish the team the best of luck for this upcoming season!