A Hurricane Takes Over the Course


Amber Gorbel, Crown Writer and Photographer

It is the first tee, the golf course is quiet and motionless. All eyes are focused on the tee box. With one swift motion, the club sends the ball whirling through the air in the aimed direction. With just a bit of luck, the ball rolls onto the green and hole in one! The past four years, Danielle Lattanzio has learned and grown through golf.

Danielle Lattanzio has been part of the Hurricane’s golf team her whole high school career. Her golf career has helped form her into the person she is today. She explains, “My desire to play golf started freshman year when my cousins worked for the Master’s tournament in Augusta, Georgia. They inspired me to try something new.”  Danielle’s courageous attitude shows that she is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone. “Playing golf was a struggle freshman year, but my goal was to be captain of the varsity team my senior year,” she says. Marking her words, Danielle made her way to the top. It assured that her dedication reflected her outstanding performance.

Though Danielle was self-motivated and had a lot of courage, she was also surrounded by optimism and positivity. Marian’s golf team not only became an inspiration for Danielle but also a family.  “My teammates have been the most influential people in regards to golf. I just saw how good the seniors on varsity were last year and they ended up encouraging and helping me” she explains. Having that support, especially from teammates, is a blessing. Former Coach Ginny Larson shared her favorite thing about working with Danielle, “Danielle always had a smile on her face. She was a team player in what is typically an individual sport. Danielle kept pushing through tough holes and reminded herself that there was always another hole where she could right the ship. I truly enjoyed my time with her!”  Danielle became a role model to underclassmen who were wanting to achieve the same goal that she accomplished. She is a perfect example of a person who came from not being very good at something to going over and beyond. Although golf has made up a minor portion of her life, Danielle has bigger goals she wishes to accomplish. “I am not going to play golf in college but I will keep playing it on my own,” she says. Even though she has other ambitions, Danielle insists on keeping golf as her hobby.

Before departing from the Marian golf team, Danielle gives a piece of advice for future golf players. Over the years she has learned many ways to keep her stride and longs to share her experiences with others. She notes, “Never give up. Everyone has their ups and downs, but if you really work hard then you do improve. Make good friendships with your teammates because building that bond makes the experience fun.” Danielle’s actions show that the only way one will achieve something is if they start with themselves. Even if it is just baby steps, grasping a positive mentality will increase progress. Overall, Danielle has been a great role model for the team and her recognition will be kept in the heart of the golf course.