Ben’s Baseball Background

Ben Strang prepares for his at bat before the game.

Molly Fitzgerald , Crown Writer

Ben Strang (12) has played baseball all four years of high school as well as many years prior. Strang has played pitcher and middle infielder on the varsity baseball team for the past two seasons. This season the team played about 20 games. Strang has been an asset to the team all four of his years in high school. This is his last season with the Marian baseball team and we see big things for his future.

Strang talked about his high school baseball experiences. “My favorite part of high school  baseball was the bus rides, there’s nothing better than a good time with the team.” The baseball team has a variety of home and away games throughout the season and there are many long bus rides that go along with them. Strang also said, “The team has allowed me to grow as a baseball player and one of my favorite memories is making 40 water balloons and chasing people around with them.” The best parts of having a team are the close friends you have as well as the fun times. His teammate, Joey Fitzgerald (12), said “Playing with Ben was a really great time. He was a great teammate and I hope he has a good time at Harper College”. Strang was a great teammate to everyone and all his teammates are wishing him the best. Coach Tom Kruse has seen Strang grow these last four years on the team. Coach Kruse said, “Ben has all the talent in the world. He is the most natural athlete on the team. Ben’s best days are ahead of him.” Coach Kruse coached the varsity baseball team this year and has helped Strang grow as a pitcher and as a teammate.

Strang has been playing baseball his whole life and that doesn’t stop after high school. All of his hard work to the sport has paid off. He will continue his academic and athletic career at Harper Community College and go onto a 4-year school after that. We all wish Strang the best his next few years of college!