Bokowy Battles

Cade Bokowy (12) wrestles in a tough match against Prairie Ridge.

Joey Fitzgerald, Crown Writer

Throughout the Chicago land region, one team has become an intimidating force in the world of Wrestling. In this tight-knit community, the Hurricanes broke through barriers and records to bring recognition to an ever-growing program. The team and individual wrestlers have built up a glowing reputation as the 2018-2019 team put themselves on the map. One of the pillars of the program are the devoted Seniors, and one in particular, Cade Bokowy, has made great strides to build the wrestling team. Bokowy has been a part of “The Storm” for his four years at Marian and has become a beacon of leadership for his team and coaches.

Through reflecting on his years with the sport, Bokowy said with enthusiasm, “we have come along way from the beginning. Even the practice room with different coaches and the pace and efficiency has improved a lot over the years.” Bokowy’s first experiences on the team that was in a growing period during his freshmen year, and has been a part of the evolution of one of best teams in the state, and the best in Marian history. Bokowy stated he was pushed every day by his teammates and wrestling partners, but something deep down pushed him even more. “Winning. This is a sport that you have to want it more than the other guy, and I wanted to win that’s it. There’s really nothing else to it.” Bokowy will also miss the sport and his teammates will miss him. Dylan Connell (10) has been heavily influenced by having Bokowy on the team, and said,” Cade is a guy that works hard and makes everyone laugh at the same time. For that, we will miss him.”

Bokowy reminisces about all the moments the team achieved great accomplishments and he will forever miss everyone that has had an impact on him with this sport.  When asked what he will miss the most, Bokowy laughed, “I will miss taking down not just one, but two-time State Champ Dylan Connel (10). There is a lot of live wrestling in the room through the year and the few times I took him down was the best feeling in the world.” In the end, the bond the team has shared in the room from the first to last truly something special. Lastly, Bokowy had a favorite memory, his final match. “It was a bittersweet moment. Just knowing that the four years of hard work paid off, and I got to walk off the mat one last time a winner.”

Bokowy will not be continuing his wrestling career in college because in March 2019 Cade signed officially for the United States Marine Corps. He will be shipped out to boot camp late in the summer ready for the new adventures. Even though the fight on the mat has stopped, the same fighting instincts are only beginning for Cade. The Wrestling Team will truly miss him, and the Marian Family wishes him luck on the next chapter in his life.