For the Love of Math


Ava Palminteri, Crown Writer and Photographer

The Marian Central Math Club has been met with success and enjoyment since its creation. However, this year one student outshines the rest when it comes to talent, dedication, and achievements. Joseph Noonan (12) has been a part of the math club since his freshman year and has enjoyed each year he partakes in it. “He[Joseph] loves the club a lot. He spends a good amount of time dedicated to it and math in general,” says Jack Popovich (12). Noonan puts his heart into the club because he truly enjoys what he does in it and plans on sticking with it due to his love for the subject.

Noonan’s passion for the club is not fleeting due to his great interest in the subject as a whole. “I enjoy it because it’s cool to get to hang out with the team and to do the math team competitions,” says Joseph Noonan(12). Day-long competitions are always a good time to get closer to your fellow club members and math club is no exception. Friendships Noonan created during his first years of math club have only grown stronger over the years. Being able to talk about math, which is a common interest in the club, was just another way of bonding for all the students.  Noonan’s love and enjoyment of the club and the people in it is easily seen through his dedication towards everything he does. Noonan’s passion for the club is reflected in his rewards and accomplishments, as well.

All of Noonan’s hard work and dedication has paid off his senior year. Joseph Noonan was able to place first in physics and fourth in math at the state competition. With the other math team members, he was able to place at math team’s state as well. Not to mention his other accomplishments and awards he received during his previous years, such as placing in Geometry, Trigonometry, and  Calculus at math team competitions. All of his achievements prove his dedication was not for nothing. “He has always been highly dedicated and hardworking. His dedication has been consistent,” says math teacher Mr. Steve Liggett, the teacher head of math club. Noonan’s hard work has been noticed by his teachers, classmates, and friends alike. His admirable determination to compete in competitions throughout his high school career, passion, and enjoyment of math has truly helped shape who he is and who he will for life.