Game, Set, Match

Lindsey and her doubles partner junior Carly Hoover celebrate a win at the 2018 IHSA Antioch Class 1A Sectionals

Carly Hoover, Crown Writer and Photographer

The devotion it takes in participating in a sport for all four years of high school comes with undeniable focus and determination.  Senior Lindsey Litterer has been a staple in building the Marian Central Tennis program since joining the team her freshman year and playing every year after. Tennis is a sport that takes concentration and strategy and requires time to learn proper scoring and boundaries. Litterer has become an experienced doubles player through her four years on the Marian Central Team, playing so well and cohesively with her fellow teammates that she has competed at the Conference Tournament every year. This accomplishment stems from her abilities in every match and tournament, working together with her partner to win as many match points as possible. Her experience continued in reaching the Sectional Level. Having gone to Sectionals this past season with partner Carly Hoover (11) and winning their first match was a great feat. Whether it was a game at practice or the sectionals match, Litterer always put her best foot forward and competed to her highest ability.

Litterer always brought a sense of laughter and familiarity to the courts whether it was practice, a match, or even the sectionals tournament. “Playing with Lindsey for the last three years has been so much fun,” says junior Carly Hoover, reminiscing on past seasons. “This past season we were doubles partners and Lindsey brought so much laughter to the courts no matter if we won or lost the point. One of my favorite memories while playing with her was at our sectionals match in October, it was really cold so we were all in sweatshirts and sweatpants. Lindsey walked out of the locker room in a full red outfit, red hat, sweatpants, and sweatshirt and it was so funny. We called her Santa for the rest of the day because our uniform tops were white and when she took off the sweatshirt she had the white tank top and red pants and looked like Santa Claus, it was so funny.” Between tearing it up on the courts and making the team laugh, Litterer always was someone whose presence was always enjoyed.

Gina Jasovic was a first-year Marian Girl Tennis coach this past season and had the experience of coaching Litterer for her senior year. “My favorite memory with Lindsey was when she and Carly Hoover played in sectionals and won their first match. I thought that was a very special moment and they were very close to winning their second match, but it was nice to have them both at the conference and sectionals tournament to compete,” joyfully explains Jasovic, reminiscing on some of her dearest memories from this past season. “Lindsey always had a positive attitude on and off the court. She was very dedicated to the team practices and matches and was a great team player,” says Jasovic, “She will truly be missed by the team in the fall, but we will all wish her the best in college.”  Litterer, along with the seven other seniors graduating this spring, will be missed by the team next year. They wish them the best in furthering their academic and possible athletic careers and hope they always remember their Hurricane roots.