Honored Spanish Students

Emily Richie, Crown Writer and Photographer

La Sociedad Honoria Hispánica (The Spanish Honor Society) welcomed 36 new members on March 13th. Spanish Honor Society is designated for students to learn more about the language and culture of Spanish speaking countries. For students to be inducted into Spanish Honor Society, they must achieve an “A” in Spanish for three consecutive semesters, hold an “A-” overall average in Spanish, and have at least a 3.5 GPA. “Everyone has worked hard to get into Spanish Honor Society, so it feels special to be apart of it” Danielle Vance (10). Students have worked hard and put lots of effort in, to get into Spanish Honor Society, and their work has paid off.

The Ceremony started with the Spanish Honor Society council speaking of the importance of being in the society, and the importance of learning the language. “I really liked hearing the speeches given by the society’s council because it showed what we could become” Brian Hopp (10). After, new members lit their candles as their name was called, to symbolize a knowledge of light. New members sign their name in a book to show they are in the society. The society meets about once every month and members help plan foreign language week. Spanish Honor Society helps create a spanish speaking environment for students to learn from and adapt to for the future.

Marian offers four Spanish classes, Spanish 1 through Spanish 4. Most freshman start with Spanish 1 and then move on to Spanish 2 the next year. After Spanish 2, less students take 3 and 4 as there are more electives to choose from, but the department hopes that students continue to take Spanish their four years at Marian to increase their vocabulary and knowledge of Spanish culture. Each year, knowledge of the language grows, by learning new vocabulary, and learning different Spanish speaking countries’ culture. Knowing the language can be extremely beneficial as being bilingual can help students get jobs, get paid more money and get to know more people.

Each Spanish class is different, but each teach the importance of the language and culture. Spanish 1 teaches students the basics.Watching Senor Wooly videos and acting in stories gives students a way to interact in the classroom environment. Culture is also taught to show students where else Spanish is spoken in the world. Spanish 2 builds off of Spanish 1 as more vocabulary and grammar are taught. In Spanish 2, writing is essential to learn how to write better and apply grammar skills learned. “Expanding vocabulary and fluency is very beneficial to help advance my education” Nicole Santopadre (10). Spanish 3 teaches new material as well as working off of topics learned from of Spanish 2 and has more in depth speaking of the language for students to be fully engaged and be prepared for Spanish 4. Spanish 4 prepares students for Spanish in college if they decide to take it. By Spanish 4 students have a well developed knowledge of the language and are beginning to be fluent. Spanish 1 through 4 prepares students for using the language in the future.  

Learning another language is very beneficial and key as it will become very helpful in the future. Spanish Honor Society helps members with more exposure to the language and a way for them to become more fluent by hearing the language outside of the classroom. Starting a second language early acts as an advantage towards being bilingual in the future, and Spanish Honor Society helps with teaching students the importance of the language they are learning and having them be familiar with different Spanish speaking countries’ cultures. Spanish Honor Society is a way for students to be more connected to the language they are learning and a way for them to be more prepared in the future as they come across the language.