Hustling Through High School


Amber smiling while warming up for the game with her teammates.

Maggie Sharp, Crown writer and photographer

The Lady Canes’ basketball program has grown and flourished over the years.  One constant for the last four years on the Varsity Girls Basketball team has been Senior Amber Reynolds.  While her passion and dedication has grown for the sport, basketball was not always apart of Amber Reynold’s life, but she grew to love it in middle school. While her interest came to her when she was older, this has not stopped Reynolds from pursuing her dream of playing basketball as a life-long passion. Through basketball, Reynolds has made an impact on her teammates, friends, teachers, and coaches at Marian Central.

Reynolds started her basketball career in sixth grade. She started playing because all her friends were doing it and she thought it looked fun to explore something new. It wasn’t until later in her career she realized how exciting and a great stress-reliever it can be.  Her interest grew into a desire to excel at the sport. She had made countless memories throughout her basketball career, but her favorite one at Marian Central was this year when they won the McHenry tournament. “It was an amazing experience for my teammates and me to have,” she says.

Reynolds impact on the Marian Central Court will be long-lasting. Teammate Morgan Laudick (10) says, “Amber is a leader on the court. She helps her teammates out to help and make them better players.” Although Reynold’s teammates are influenced by her, she is greatly influenced by Coach Ephraim Lee. Lee always made sure Reynolds and her teammates stayed positive and had a confident attitude. He would also push them to their best potential and help them reach their goals.“Amber was excellent. She was a leader and a two-year captain. She knew exactly what she was doing and she cared. I loved coaching her”, says Lee.

One of her many goals within her career is the improve her skills while playing in college at Trinity International University in Bannockburn, Illinois and potentially be able to experience playing basketball overseas. Although Reynolds has ended her career at Marian Central, she is excited to experience what the future holds for her. She has made an impact on Marian basketball and will be greatly missed by her teammates and coaches. They can not wait to see everything she does in the future.