Keepin’ it Reel


Joey Fitzgerald, Crown Writer

Fishing is a sport that requires two things: patience and luck. As much is it is patients and luck, it also requires a lot of skill. Colin Raclawski (12) is the head of the bass fishing team and this year he is making a name for himself. He has been on the team since freshman year, has been fishing his whole life, and doesn’t plan of stopping. Raclawski loves fishing and gets to share his love for it with his teammates who also happen to be some of his closest friends, Colin Vallee (12), and Danny Degiulio (12).

Raclawski has been fishing for as long as he can remember. “I came out of the womb with a rod in my hand,” Raclawski jokes. Raclawski can never get enough and has made many memories, and has had achievements along the way. He loves to go out and compete even if they don’t have the best equipment. Raclawski mentioned,” We don’t need the greatest and best stuff to win, but when we win there is no better feeling than winning in my Jon boat over teams that have $100,000 boats.” Even though fishing will always be fun, he will miss his teammates.

Raclawski will be far from his friends next year. He said,” The kids I fish with will by be far what I miss the most. They have been my friends all four years and it just won’t be the same without them.” With the lows, there is also some highs like Raclawskis first tournament this year.” It was amazing I caught a ton of fish including the biggest of the tournament, my mom coached, and my friend Vallee(12) watched and cheered me on. Plus we won the whole thing it was my favorite high school fishing memory.” The school year is coming to a close along with the fishing season.

With all of this being said Raclawski’s tournament days are over. Next year, Raclawski will be attending the University of Alabama, and plans on joining the bass fishing club, and will even try and get on the team. Raclawski enters the world as a big fish to explore his big pond.