Spring Breaking Out the Sunnies

Jordyn Balduf, Crown Writer and Photographer

Whether sinking your toes into the soft sand or enjoying the somewhat spring weather in Illinois, It is week away from school in March offering self-care and relaxation. For many spring breakers, the week becomes a blur as time goes by so fast. The brain needs a pause to recollect all the knowledge gained throughout the semester and the body needs to recharge from many sleepless nights. An extended hiatus is just what this stress calls for.

Those from Marian Central spending spring break out of Woodstock are relieved for the change of scenery. Many students are traveling to the east or west coast to soak in the sunshine. “My family and I will be going to our padres baseball game, visiting the U.S.S midway museum, doing a electric bike tour in San Diego.” states Cole Reckamp (12). The excited feelings also mix with bittersweet emotions. Reckamp includes that even though his family will experience many firsts together, this is the last spring break with his family before college. Time with family during college dwindles, especially if one is attending an out of state university. A senior might look at their last spring break as an unofficial send off from their families.

If you don’t have crazy plans for spring break, you’re not alone. Staying home is a prime option for many. Some students would much rather stay home in order to enjoy spending time with friends and to save money. A smaller more affordable trip could also be in store, like a day-trip to chicago to sight see. “Every Spring Break my friends and I try to go to Chicago to take pictures in the city and to explore it a little more each time,” says Allison Kaminski (9). Spring cleaning is a popular trend that many families are able to accomplish during the week long time frame. Whether you love it or you hate it, spring cleaning is a helpful exercise to all that utilize it. Cleaning and organizing personal spaces are proven to decrease allergens and relieve stress.  The light breeze that blows through signaling spring makes each student more and more excited for the warm weather about to hit. Students start to fill with impatience and anxiety in hopes for summer vacation. “After spring break, school always goes by so fast and I am not complaining” Kaminski (9) adds. Two months are left of school to be able to come back and refocus your energy to ultimately finish off the year as best as possible.

Would you trust paying thousands of dollars to live in an unfamiliar institute you have never seen before? As students get closer to their final years of high school, the stress of applying for colleges piles on. Juniors are able to take advantage of the week off of school to start creating a future plan for education and tour colleges. “Even though I’m not going anywhere tropical, I’m still excited to spend my time checking out my favorite colleges during my time off of school.”said Carly Hoover (11). Campus visits are a critical “reality check” that helps students decide what type of college they want.  Hoover, in hopes to tour her future college, has been planning these tours since the beginning of the year. Spring break gives students alike a perfect opportunity to explore their options.

Regardless leaving the state or staying to relax, everyone can agree that spring break benefits the student mind and body. A break from the books is a necessity to be able to finish off the school year with a bang. With plenty of spring break options, make the most of them and stay safe.