Sullivan’s Singing Experience

Molly Sullivan at one of her final choir showcases.

Molly Fitzgerald, Crown Writer

Being a part of activities over the span of four years provides nearly anyone with a variety of memorable experiences. This creates many friendships and bonds that can last a lifetime. Choir encourages its members to form new relationships and become part of a loving and accepting family. Singing opens a doorway of opportunities which can inspire anyone to follow their passions and dreams.

One student who has taken advantage of these opportunities is Molly Sullivan (12). Sullivan explains her choir experience by claiming, “My experience has been filled with a lot of leadership opportunities. The choir has affected my high school experience by introducing me to an awesome group of people. My favorite memories from choir over the past years have been chilling with Mr. Rome each morning before school, singing the National Anthem for the first time with my sister, and competing with Hannah Paulson and Jamie Kalamaris to see who could balance the most choir book on their head for the longest amount of time.” When people become involved in activities like choir, they join a family. “It’s exciting being in my final year because I feel like I’ve done my best for the department, and I’m looking forward to handing down my positions to the underclassmen.” Being apart of an extracurricular activity allows a multitude of people to build distinct and beloved memories and experiences.

Another student Hannah Paulson (11) has been singing alongside Sullivan for the past three years. Paulson said, “Molly is always so driven and she is incredibly talented. I’ve sat next to her for 2 years now and she’s one of the kindest people I know. She is always there to put a smile on your face. My favorite memory with her has been joking around in choir and wearing ties in that class.” Bonds that someone creates through a passion for the same thing creates strong friendships that will never end.