Sweaters V. Polos: The Battle of the Better Uniform

Ava Palminteri, Crown Writer and Photographer

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As the weather changes outside, so do the uniforms. Sweaters for the winter season and polos for the fall and spring. It’s mandatory that you switch from one to the other when the seasons switches. Many students, however, are not big fans of the uniform options Marian provides. Students either love sweaters or hate them, but the school seems to be at fifty-fifty split on which uniform option is the better one.

The sweaters are worn during the colder seasons. This is liked by a good portion of the school.“I like the professional look of sweaters. They are also comfy, so that’s a plus,” says Caroline Binotti (10). The white collar, tie, and long sleeve look presented by the sweaters is seen as more professional by many students. Along with the Marian pants, it reflects an official and clean look that is said to help students focus and learn easier throughout the season. Besides the professional look, the newer sweaters are comfortable, warm, and nicely made. The cotton and stretchy material gives breathing room while providing comfort. The long sleeves and material also provides warmth for the cold time period they are worn. Although Binotti is one of the many who love sweaters, there are others who would disagree with her opinion.

Other students at Marian would prefer the polos over the sweater. “They are less annoying and less formal than the sweaters are,” offers Tram Nguyen (10). Although formality is liked by some, others do not enjoy the look as much as the teachers and parents would. These students are more concerned with the comfort of clothes while learning than the look of them. The short sleeves and less tight material are liked by students who do not want the sleeves and material to get in the way of movement during the day. Although the polos have their perks as well as the sweaters, some students like or dislike both options.

Some students at the school do not have a preference on which they wear throughout the year. “I do not have a preference over either option. Both are comfortable and add to the professionalism of Marian,” says Sainam (Patty) Ridhirong(10). Sweaters provide some comfort and a clean polished look while polos also offer comfort but with more movement, so both have their pluses. No matter the uniform, students learn and enjoy the year the same. To some, they can not go wrong with either clothing option.

For both uniform options at Marian there are lovers and haters. “These aren’t comfortable”, “These are not professional”, “I don’t like either”; no one can agree on which type is better. No matter what opinion the students have, both uniforms are required to be worn during their specific seasons. So, even if the majority of the school is a sweater fan, a polo fan, or neutral on the topic; both types of the uniform at Marian are worn by all.  

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