The Best In The Field – Robert Sbarouis


Robert Sbarbonuis kicks the ball away from the goal.

Ryan Borchardt, Crown writer and photographer

Robert Sbarounis (12) has been playing soccer and since he can remember. Soccer always came more naturally for him and has been his favorite sport. Sbarbouis has played for Marian’s soccer team all four years. Through the years, Robert has played as an offensive member. “The position that I have played forever has been right forward. I have come to love this position,” says Sbarounis.  Sbarounis has committed himself to improve his own game and helping his team improve as well.

Through Sbarounis’ time playing at Marian, he has scored roughly ten goals. “Scoring was never my main focus; My position entails more assisting.” Throughout the years, he has played Right Forward, where he has supports his fellow teammates on and off the field. Sbarbouis also runs cross country and track, but his main focus has and always will be soccer. Sbarounis plans to continue playing soccer in college and he has committed to playing soccer at Calvin University, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Sbarounis is considered a team player and always cheered on teammates. “If the team lost a game, Robert never was upset by it, he was always cheering the other guys on and letting us know that it was okay,” says fellow teammate, Danny Zirko (10). “Robert always used teamwork and leadership to keep us all focused on the game because he understood the true meaning of being a team and how to play as one. He is a nice kid, and he’s fast. He’s great at soccer, and is an awesome role model,” says Matthew Gruebna (10). Sbarounis was a crucial member of the team to help with the Regional Championship in his Senior year. Overall, Sbarounis has helped lead the Marian Central Boys Soccer team to victory and he looks forward to continuing his love for the sport next fall.