The Calls of the Canes

Jordyn Balduf, Crown Writer and Photographer

Students rush out of school to buy supplies preparing for the theme to support the Hurricanes in the Student Section. Signs are made and props are set up to aid the crowd in cheering. The infamous white baby powder explosion symbolizes the start of the Hurricane’s football season. Leading the pack of the cries from the stands is none other than the legendary Canes Crew.  The Canes Crew leader is always handpicked by the previous leaders in the graduating class to lead the Canes student section in promoting school spirit and support for the teams on the field and courts. The leader then elects his peers to help him bring liveliness to the stands. Without this group of leaders, the energy wouldn’t be the same. Conor Werfelmann (12) selected four additional members of the Class or 2019 to help build the school spirit: Danny Degiulio, Danny Truckenbrod, Christopher St. Leger, and Hunter Schmidt to assist in this timeless tradition.

A strong combination of athletic talent, coaching, and sideline support build to create an amazing sports season. Another important component of a team’s success is their crowd and the power of undeniable support can bring. “Everyone on the team has a will to win and the Canes Crew ensures we won’t forget the grit to dig down deep and win,” said Connor Hooks (12).  Even in the stands, all spectators feel the support stemming from this group of school spirit leaders. Every senior has their favorite chant that really engrains the memories of the games, “My all-time favorite moment was when we cheered ‘Vallee’ into the game to play.” said Daniel Degiulio (12), “We saw the chant make a difference as the coach put him in, he was smiling cheek-to-cheek.”

The Canes Crew uses the power of social media to inform students and families about the long-awaited theme for Friday to show unified support in every way possible for players. The social media page not only encourages students to attend sporting events but lists accomplishments and support for all athletic events throughout the year.  Leader, Conor Werfelmann (12), stresses that there are many factors that go into picking a favorable theme. “The process of choosing the theme is purely based on who we were playing. We tried to mix up the themes and create new ones.” A favorite example was for the Johnsburg game, The Canes Crew decided to pick a country theme because their field is surrounded by a cornfield.

This everlasting tradition not only impacts the crowd and players but also the students who are chosen to be of this group. They are blessed with lasting memories cheering alongside their friends. “I’ve been looking forward to becoming a Cane Crew leader since freshman year and I was always so pumped to go to the football games,’’ said Danny Truckenbrod (12). Truckenbrod’s goal became a reality as he was able to bring enthusiasm and spirit to the stands. The seniors made it a goal to include freshmen to make them feel apart of the family and validate every member of the student body’s impact in the student section. From long car rides to hoarse voices, the amount of pride the seniors have for Marian shows. “In order to keep this tradition going we need to pick kids with the same amount of pride we have, we are watching out for that,” explained Christopher St. Leger (12). Leger and the 2019 crew is already looking for students with the same mindset to fill their shoes. Once the new Canes crew is chosen, the legacy will be able to continue on for years beyond.