The Last Curtain Call

Conor Drafz, Crown Writer

As a community, the Marian Central Theatre Department gives students the opportunity to stage productions in a supportive and familial environment. Jordan Kaufmann (12), Head of Running Crew and Set construction for almost all of Marian’s productions during his four years, has been active in the theatre Department since his freshman year. Having barely missed any single show throughout his entire high school career, Kaufmann is extremely passionate about theatre and has made an impact on the organization and its members. With the Variety Show being Jordan’s last production, he reflects on some of his favorites parts and memories about theatre.

Kaufmann’s participation in theatre allowed him to create long-lasting friendships with his fellow members. “My favorite part about theatre is the people. All the friends I was able to make and all the memories,” explains Kaufmann. As a freshman, joining the Theatre Department was a fantastic initiative for his social life as well as a major influence on his drive and interests. Kaufmann expands on his friendships by saying, “I’ve learned how to open up and become friends with everyone. When I started I was friends with only a few people in the theatre program, and once I opened up to a few new people I realized who great it feels.” His active role in the theatre community at Marian provides Kaufmann with confidence to make new friends and expand on current friendships. “[Jordan and I] became very close through theatre. We have worked together on every show since freshman year. I feel like I have found a true friend in Jordan because we have worked together and done it well,” explains Marissa Rybinski (12), a close friend of Kaufmann. Kaufmann as well as other members of the crew, including Rybinski, have gone through many experiences and changes over the years and have picked up some amazing memories along the way. “My favorite memory of theatre is from my two years as Running Crew Head for the musical. Though I hated it at the time, I will never forget having everyone in the theatre yelling my name when they needed running crew,” explains Kaufmann. The strong bonds created through theatre are some that, like the memories, will stay with Kaufmann even after his departure. His participation in theatre has not only strengthened his relationship with other students but with teachers as well. “Jordan has learned from experience by being part of a variety of crews. This year it has been great to see him take on leadership roles and step up and problem solves on his own,” explains Theatre and English Teacher, Mrs. Christine Connell. Mrs. Connell has been a prominent figure in Kaufmann’s experience.

After four years as an important member of the Theatre Department, Kaufmann is finally saying goodbye to a part of Marian which he calls home. Having been a part of running crew for what seems to have gone by in a split second, Kaufmann’s impact on the community is one that is not to be forgotten.