All Around the World


Delaney Doherty and her family enjoy a tropical vacation.

Conor Drafz, Crown Writer

Most people can only dream of going off to exotic places and exciting countries, but for Delaney Doherty (12) this dream is a reality. Doherty has traveled to most places imaginable and continues to travel across the globe. These visits outside the country impact who she is as a person and have opened her eyes to a variety of different regions and cultures.

Doherty has ventured to a multitude of foreign territories, from Europe to Asia, and is almost continually traveling to different places. “I’ve been to every continent, except Australia and Antarctica; I went to Bora Bora; this upcoming summer, I am going to Paris; I just went to Thailand for a couple of weeks, and that was really cool. We rode the elephants and the food was really good,” expressed Doherty. Her numerous adventures around the world provide her with an expanded view of culture in regions which are distant or overseas.

These experiences in exotic countries have influenced her interests and her as a person. “I love European culture. [Europe] is my favorite place. When I go to college, I am probably going to study abroad in Austria,” she explains. The love of European culture that Doherty possesses is partially impacted by the fact that her mother is Italian and she has family that lives in Italy. This is a large reason why Doherty travels to Europe so often. “We went to [Italy] to track down my mom’s great-grandma’s family when we were in Sicily,” says Doherty. The frequent trips Doherty takes to other places is noted by her friends as well as teachers. “The travel has affected her experience and her talent,” says art teacher, Mrs. Erin Widmayer. “When she travels and goes to art and makeup classes, she’s getting more hands-on experience outside of the classroom,” she continues. The astounding travel which Doherty takes part in affects not only her knowledge of other cultures but also aids her artistic and learning skills. She uses this newfound experience to teach others about different lifestyles and regions. “Most people think that she would be entitled or act kind of rude but she doesn’t. She uses her traveling experience to educate others and shares it with everyone. She’s very humble about [her traveling] and genuinely a good person,” says Carolee Musielak (12), a close friend of Doherty. In traveling across the world Doherty discovers new societies and cultures which she is able to teach and share with others.

Doherty’s various ventures to exotic regions all over the globe are part of who she is. Traveling to daring and exciting places has provided her with a love of different cultures and traditions as well as an interest in learning about new things. As witnessed by those who know her, these experiences have shaped Doherty as a person and continue to impact her.