Don’t You (Forget about the Editors)


I remember our first day of Publications like it was yesterday. I was a scared little sophomore in a sea of only juniors and seniors. I am not going to lie, I was intimidated to work alongside the upperclassmen, but Ellen Sharp, Emma Baader, and Amy Herff always made an effort to include me and to help me. These wonderful seniors have gone from people I had only known of at Marian to friends who I could not picture Pubs without.

Ellen Sharp: “The Fearless Leader.” If there was ever a huge task that needed to be done, Ellen was always the first to take charge. I realized quickly that she is a  perfectionist, a person who sets and achieves goals, and one who is extremely passionate about all of her work. Anytime deadlines or due dates needed to be posted on the board, Ellen was the go-to girl. Her attention to detail made the yearbook look even more crisp and pristine. Her attention to details allows for the other editors to be able to collaborate together in more creative ways.  

Emma Baader: “The Busy Bee.” Every day, Emma comes to class and is determined to get her work done. She may seem quiet at first, but do not let that fool you; she has a goofy side. Emma will randomly start singing, dancing, or writing a book at any time during class. If a creative title or headline is needed, ask Emma. She always finds ways to incorporate creativity into an article or yearbook spread. Her creativity helps the staff come up with new ideas quickly which creates high standards for the staffers’ work.

Amy Herff: “The Boss.”  When Amy wants something done a certain way, she will make sure that, in the end, it is perfect. If any staffer needed any information on sports or needed to tag a picture, Amy was the one to ask. She has countless connections with not only Marian students but also many other students at different schools. Amy works extremely hard to make sure that the staff hits their deadlines and she holds a high standard for all of us. Her high standards pushes the students to work diligently and she encourages them to do their best.

And then there is me…”The Mom.” I am the one who reminds the staffers of upcoming deadlines and who checks in on editors, advisors, and staffers during “crunch time” or when we have a very large due date. If anyone needed something in Gallagher’s room, I was the one to run up and down the stairs to get the tape, scissors, or freshly-printed rubrics. Overall, the four of us used each other’s best qualities to create one united force.

These student journalists have worked extremely hard to make sure that the yearbook and newspaper are perfect. Mrs. Lynn Widhalm, former Co-Adviser for Pubs and Marian English teacher, explains her experience working with Ellen, Emma, and Amy during the 2017-2018 school year, “Although I worked with Emma, Ellen, and Amy before they took on the editorial leadership roles, it was easy to see how much they each enjoyed and thrived as a part of the Publications team.  From writing creative headlines to celebrating achievements together, I enjoyed getting to know these girls, seeing their potential development, and watching them become the leaders they are today.” Each and every one of them has put their heart and soul into everything that they have worked on.

Amy, Ellen, and Emma all put their own spin on the yearbook, newspaper, and Publications in general. Looking back at all of the memories that were made, Amy shared her most favorite one, “My favorite memory was designing the yearbook. I enjoyed being able to capture Marian’s most memorable moments.” I asked Ellen what her favorite aspect of Publications was and she shared, “My favorite memory in Publications if after our big deadlines, Christmas and the end of the school year, we have a party filled with food, games, and presents (at Christmas). Completing a yearbook page is an amazing feeling, knowing that the creative idea you had in your brain a month ago is now a reality on paper that your classmates will look back on.” At the end of the year, there is a feeling of accomplishment and relief that the yearbook is officially done. Emma was asked about her favorite part of Publications and she said, “ I enjoy the ability to express my creativity while being challenged through countless deadlines and staff difficulties, however, I especially enjoy the family like bond form with the staff members.” The staff as a whole works so hard together every day for an entire school year which allows us to become one big family.  

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work alongside these amazing girls.  I know I could not do it without them! I will miss you all very much. I am so grateful for all that they have done for Publications. But what we found out is each one of us is “The Fearless Leader,” “The Busy Bee,” “The Boss,” and “The Mom” and together we created something that will stand the rest of time for Marian.