From Awkward to Awesome

Gaby Sarto and BriAna Muldren (12) now as seniors at the Boys Basketball Ugly Sweater game.

Emily Richie, Crown Writer and Photographer

Starting at a new school can be awkward, from not knowing where to go, or who everyone is, awkward things are bound to happen. Stepping into school on the first day can be overwhelming as returning students catch up with friends, freshmen are bumping into classmates, walking up the stairs, or piling books into their already overstuffed backpacks. This uncomfortableness will soon fade as the freshman learn the ins and outs of high school. “Their mentors are their first contact. They are the ones that provide a friendly face to freshman for the next weeks, months, even years. The mentors serve as an aid to freshman whenever they need them,” says Mentor Adviser, Mrs. Laura Littner. As seniors reflect on the past four years and think to themselves how they were as freshmen, they soon realize how they have gone from awkward to awesome.

Going back four years can be a trip down memory lane. The memories from each year serve as reminders to make bad days better. These awkward memories and more are ones that are now laughed upon. Some of the awkward experiences include, “tripping up the stairs and Mrs. Poci saw me. She chuckled and I felt so embarrassed,” BriAna Muldrew (12). “Once I walked into the wrong class. I waved awkwardly and tried to walk out, but ended up walking into the door frame,” Gaby Sarto (12). Learning from these experiences students really have become the better version of themselves. These awkward moments and more have brought together amazing friendships and built up their confidence.

Reminiscing on the embarrassing moments of freshman year now become funny to the seniors as they have matured throughout their four years. Now the time has come for them to be awesome and move on to college. Remembering the mistakes they have made will not only make them laugh, but also serve as an aid for them to prepare for college. Saying goodbye to four incredibly fast years will be challenging, but eventually, it will become easier for students. They will always remember the memories they made here at Marian.