Bears and Packers go head to head on Thursday, September 5th

Allison Kaminski, Crown Writer and Photographer

There has always been a rivalry between the Bears and Packers and many of the students and faculty have taken sides of who the best team is. As conversations about the predicted win floated through the hallways and classrooms, many students and teachers engaged in the animated conversations. Thursday night, the anticipation among each fan was so strong that when the game ended all of the comments of the game found their way to be carried into Friday’s conversation. Ending with a score of 10 to 3, the Packers scored ten points along with the Bears scoring three points.

The game was at Soldier Field, Chicago at 7:20 pm on Thursday night. By the end of the first quarter of the game, the score was three to zero, the bears leading with three. Eddy Pineiro put the first point on the board with a 38-yard field goal. However, after the first half, the Packers got back in the game and were leading seven to three. The only touchdown of the game was scored by Jimmy Graham, on the Packers team, with an eight-yard pass made by Aaron Rodgers. In the fourth quarter, another field goal was scored by the Packers, offensive player Mason Crosby with a 39-yard field goal. Marian student, Anthony Hess (10), was one of many who watched and enjoyed the game. When speaking about Thursday’s game, he commented that “During the Bears versus Packers game, I was rooting for the Bears.. but their offense choked. Luckily, the defense didn’t do too bad…” Hess added that “[He] felt they could’ve performed much better, especially offense. They could’ve won if it was later into the season.” Hess’s passion for the Bears is present in many others and represents how intently a large number of fans paid attention to the game.

From Thursday to Friday, and even though the following week, the conversation about the football game made its way into the mouths of both students and teachers. The close ties between the rival teams created an intense feeling with fans of the opposing teams. The close score this year leads to a more intensified opposition for the game next year. Whether it is engaging in gossip or even just a student or faculty member who is listening, hearing the different opinions of various people can give anyone an insight into their opinions and thoughts.