Meet the Hurricanes

Mr. Toledo getting ready for a brand new school year.

Graciella Miroballi, Crown Writer and Photographer

As the 2019-2020 school year kicks off, returning classmates not only welcome in all the freshman and transfer students, but also the new teachers and administration. Over the course of this school year, Marian hopes to get to know them more and learn some of the goals that they want to achieve. This week, the featured teachers are Mr. Toledo, who instructs music, Mr. Herman, one of the newest English teachers and Ms. Graf, who coaches and teaches science.

Mr. Toledo is new to teaching highschoolers and says, “The high school aspect is different from what I am  used to.” He taught for twelve years at various elementary schools in the Rockford diocese. This year he is able to teach and work with students of all grade levels. One of the reasons Marian Central stands out so much is because “Students seem to take care of each other and each need is met” claims Mr. Toledo. This year he intends to adapt to the brand new environment all while keeping the legacy of Mr. Rome alive. Marian is grateful to work with Mr. Toledo and is excited to see what he accomplishes.

Mr. Herman teaches English for juniors and seniors. He taught at Northridge Preparatory School in Niles, Illinois for 30 years. He also worked at various schools in Chicago for underprivileged children and a special education school. Mr. Herman then became a substitute teacher for Marian and other Crystal Lake public schools. He explains that “Marian is a wonderful school and has wonderful intentions for students. Everyone is working toward accomplishing great things.” One of his main goals is to be able to spend some time in the art room and work with a kiln. He also wants to build confidence in his students and allow them to discover some hidden talents. Mr. Herman is a wonderful addition to the school and Marian is lucky to have him as a full-time teacher.

Ms. Graf works with all grades for science. She recently graduated from South Dakota State and Marian is her first teaching job. She also is a Marian Alumni (Class of 2012). From personal experience, she knows that Marian prepares students well for college and that students are held at a high standard. Her main goal for this year is that she can, “Teach skills that students need in high school, college and future years.” Ms. Graf will also be coaching girls soccer in the spring and is one of the advisers for Key Club. Marian is excited to welcome back a former student and is looking forward to seeing what she achieves.

This school year will be full of goals and accomplishments, but with that comes changes. Marian is always looking for ways to improve and succeed and with the help of these new teachers it is ensured that each student will achieve something exceptional.