Not All Superheros Wear Capes

The mentors ready to start the new school year!

Emma Johnson, Crown Writer and Photographer

Being a freshman is filled with a variety of emotions, whether it’s scared, excited, or nervous, the mentors are there for you every step of the way. Even if you need help with a class or are scared about starting the new school year, you can always turn to your mentor. The mentor program at Marian is there for new students to feel comfortable and welcome. High School can be overwhelming, but knowing you have someone to turn to is very comforting. 

To start, mentors do more than just help their mentee(s). The process of becoming a mentor is filling out an application, waiting for the selection process, if you are selected, then you have many training days and after that you can start helping your mentee(s). As long and difficult as that may sound, the job these mentors take on is also a very rewarding one. “The rewarding factors are being able to see your mentee use the advice you have given them and see them succeed in their freshman year,” said Kevin Blaz (12). 

To continue, becoming a mentor is an excellent way to help your school. Whether the mentor does it for their college applications or to help incoming freshmen their job never goes unnoticed. As Maggie Gillaspie (11) states, ” I became a mentor because I remember the stress that comes with freshman year and I want to make that transition as easy as possible for incoming freshmen.” The big question is would mentors recommend this job for others? “ I would definitely recommend becoming a mentor because it may seem like it doesn’t help much but I believe the advice we give to freshman helps them set the habits for the rest of high school and help more than you think,” Blaz answered. 

In conclusion, mentors at Marian have a rewarding job. They help the freshman get settled in and help them with any concerns they have throughout the year. All in all, the mentors at Marian provide a lot of help and without them freshman year would be much harder. They truly are superheros.