Start of Something New

New freshmen friends spending time together at the Freshman Orientation.

Maddison Shepard, Crown Writer and Photographer

Just like that, a new school year has begun. The first year of high school is bound to be full of memories, laughs, and maybe even a nervous stomach. These excited, yet nervous, freshmen start off their high school career at the freshman orientation with an assortment of questions of whom they will meet and what is in store for their high school career. Some worry about coming into a new school, but the mentor program welcomes them with open arms. This program is a group of upperclassmen who are more than enthusiastic to help out the new high-schoolers. “I became a mentor because I wanted to be a part of the program that made my freshman year so amazing.” shares Benjamin Schnieder (12). 

Along with the worries of new transitions, the main question most freshmen ponder is the typical, “Whom am I going to sit with at lunch?” Whether they know someone going to Marian or have to go out of their comfort zones to make new friends, everyone struggles in their own way. Getting involved in various school activities is a great way to meet new people.  “I stayed open to the possibility of new friendships and joined poms to meet more people,” says Olivia Striedl (10). Like Olivia, many students and alumni agree that by joining one of the many clubs and sports Marian has to offer, friendships are made that will last a life-time. 

Although the freshmen are nervous, the day starts off tranquil with Father Twenty celebrating mass with them. Once filled with the Holy Spirit, the freshmen go into homerooms to meet new people through various ice breaker games, like the name-slap games. “I’m really looking forward to making new friends!” shares Madeline Huff (9) after her first homeroom. Once their homerooms come to a close, they venture off to walk through their schedules with help from their teachers and mentors. 

However, they are not done with the day quite yet. It is time to dance! As a tradition, the freshmen learn the dance while in homerooms that they will, later on, perform onstage. It is a part of the freshmen orientation they will always remember. Just as the day began, it’s ended. The now-settled freshmen are saying their goodbyes to new friends as they are taking one last glimpse at their schedule, ready to face the start of their high school journey.