Bring Back the Floats!

Marian's Central track team, led by Coach Radcliffe, bonding at the parade.

Graciella Miroballi, Crown Writer and Photographer

Homecoming week includes many special events such as Spirit Week, Powder Puff, pep assemblies and the homecoming football game. Finally, Marian has added a homecoming parade just in time for the 60th anniversary of the school. This year’s parade took place in the Woodstock Square two days before the Homecoming dance. Students who participated got to decorate a truck and pass out candy to the younger audience. The parade included most clubs and sports such as Track and Field and Volleyball. 

Track and Field were among many of Marian’s sports teams to participate in the parade. The float was lead by Coach Radcliffe. Maddie Miller (10) shares how excited she was to be able to participate in the parade, “The parade was such an exciting experience and everyone had an amazing time. My favorite part was getting to support my school while getting to spend time with my teammates.”  Miller joined Track and Field as a freshman and participated with her team in the parade. She shared that days leading up to the event, her team created many banners and posters for their truck. All their hard work paid off when they finally got to pass out candy and participate in the event. Miller also mentions that next year she hopes teams and clubs could work on creating their own actual floats using tissue paper. All and all, Miller explained that the track team had an amazing time at this year’s homecoming parade and is excited to see what next year has to offer. 

Mrs. Poci, a math teacher and coach at Marian, shares how she participated in the parade with the Volleyball Team.  All teams including Freshman, JV, and Varsity had their own trailer to decorate. “We had posters of the team and pictures of the players with their numbers. We also decorated with streamers and volleyball decor,” says Poci. Since the beginning of the volleyball season, the teams had to work extra hard to finish their decorations in time.  Although it took a lot of preparation, Poci shares that the best part was, “seeing all the kids watching and how they were so excited to observe the different teams and clubs.” Poci hopes that next year Marian will return the tradition of class floats and more Marian students who are not involved in the parade will have the opportunity to show support. 

The Homecoming parade was an eventful ending to a memorable homecoming week. Marian is excited to bring back this annual tradition for students and staff. All participants and the audience can agree that it was an unforgettable experience.