Football Fridays

The Hurricanes offensive line decides which play to run.

Jordan Tarzian, Crown Writer and Photographer

American football is a beloved sport that unites a massive and dedicated portion of the country. The roar of the crowd and the pregame locker room meetings get the teams excited for their games. The Hurricanes have had an incredible start to the season. Their shut-down defense had no teams score on them for three games. They also gave a big welcome to their new coach, Coach Fortin. This team is overwhelmed on their feelings with their season.

Luke Dalton (10) starting on offense gave some insight on the extravagant season they’ve been having this year. Dalton explains, “The want to win drives the boys to put in a lot of effort and the offense and defense strategies we have is the strongest suit that our team brings to the table.” Coach Lee expands on Dalton’s perspective by adding that, “The strongest suit we bring to the table is that there is a lot of experience and returning starters from last year. The guys are able to adapt to help the team.” There are qualities that every team has to improve on overtime as well. “They can improve on weekly preparation for games and continue to get better offensively and defensively,” states Dalton. The Hurricanes are willing to work at the top of their game for the opportunity to make it into the playoffs.

The Marian football team has very high hopes of making the playoffs this year. The thrill of playing makes inspires many students to join the team. The desire to win is what the boys are set on every week. They want to make their school, family, and friends proud. They strive to leave a legacy for others to follow.