The Crown

Passing of the Business Club Torch

Timothy Miller (11) explains how he decides what stocks he buys to the business club.

Arianna Benitez, Crown Writer and Photographer

January 22, 2020

The passing of the torch is an allude to ancient Greece where a lit torch was passed from one person to the next. In the present day, it is used as a metaphor for passing responsibilities, tradition, practice, or knowledge to another. As of this year, Marian Central teacher Mr. Williams has passed the...

A New Season With New Beginnings

The JV tennis team excited for the Hoco parade on their amazing float.

Emma Johnson, Crown Writer and Photographer

January 22, 2020

Fall has begun which is a time for a change and new beginnings. The new tennis season is a great example of this. With the 2019 season, there are new coaches and new players that go along with the new year. Whether new or more of an experienced player, the goal for most is to become a better player and...

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