A New Way of Learning

Jessica Passi(10) ready and excited for the first E-learning day.

Emma Johnson, Crown Writer and Photographer

Imagine being able to stay at home and learn for school. For Marian students, this is a reality. E-Learning is a new stay at home way to learn, that Marian is putting into action. Instead of making up classes at the end of the year because of snow days or lightening days students need to complete online assignments during days that we are off of school. With new materials come many opinions.

There are many opinions about E-Learning, such as Kelsi McThenia (9) who explains, “E-Learning is better because it takes less time than an actual school day. I also liked it better because I would rather do my work at home.” For some students like McThenia, it is much better to work on school work with the comfort of your own home. 

With trying something new there are always ways to improve. “I think we can improve communication, it will improve e-learning overall,” claims Mr. Kuiper. When trying something new it is always good to review and come to a conclusion on what needs to be improved. Like most things, communication is key. 

And the real question, “would you rather do E-Learning or makeup school at the end of the year?”, Ben Beto (9) responded to this question by saying, “Yes, I would rather choose e-learning, because it is less work even though it took a while.” E-Learning is a more efficient way to do school work and makeup work that can better prepare us for exams and other tests. 

Overall e-learning seemed to be a very positive experience. It is a much easier way to make up missed school days and learn at home in your pajamas.