A Night to Remember

Seniors, Jimmy Rochette and Sophia Mcmanus,eagerly take a photo with one of the decorations made by Marian’s student council.

Allison Kaminski, Crown Writer and Photographer

Through the Student Council, a magical Homecoming week was made possible for everyone. Homecoming week this year for Marian students was from September 30th to October 4th, with the Homecoming dance on October 5th. The theme was “Yacht Club,” however, the themes throughout the week varied. Monday’s theme was “PJ’s”, Tuesday’s was “babies and oldies”, Wednesday’s was “country”, Thursday’s was “jerseys”, and Friday’s was “super-spirit dress down”. On October 4th, the home football games’ theme was white-out, it is Marian tradition to crown the Homecoming king and queen during the game. Decorating for the Homecoming Dance, on October 5th, was also done by the student council. The gym and even part of the commons area were both full of incredible decorations. Marian’s student council worked hard on this year’s homecoming week, as well as the game and dance. The outcome was truly amazing for both the students and faculty. 

Student Council member, Stella Ross (10) expands on her opinion regarding how student council decorated Marian this year: “Our hallway theme, the sophomore hallway, was New York, so we knew we wanted to incorporate Broadway, the city itself, and the Statue of Liberty into the decor. My favorite part was decorating the sophomore hallway because it was so much fun to set up the decorations with the rest of the student council.”

When asked about her perspective and thoughts on how the Homecoming decorations turned out, Maggie Schneider (9), provided her opinion. “I think the decorations changed the atmosphere of the dance to make it feel less like a school, and more like a place to let loose. I can’t compare the decor to any previous years, but I think that they were pretty creative, especially the picture props,” explains Schneider. Everything this year came together seamlessly, and was enjoyed by the students, faculty, and even some alumni. Thanks to the student council, the dress up themes and the decorations were something everyone could look forward to.

Homecoming week and dance is something every student and faculty member looks forward to each year. All throughout the week, you can see the many different ways students dressed up for the themes, including some who go all out with wacky costumes. It was so interesting to compare peoples’ outfits to their personalities as well as simply gaze at the immense variety. Student council made everything possible; between all the different hallways as well as the elaborate decorations and cutouts at the dance, everything came together to create an unforgettable week.