A Time To Give Thanks

Kat Strode (11) and Abi Reiche (10) enjoying their conversation about Thanksgiving memories.

Gracie Miroballi, Crown Writer and Photographer

Thanksgiving brings many traditions and celebrations; most importantly, the chance to show appreciation to those who need it most.  After school on November 19th, over 20 Marian Key Club members attended the annual Valley Hi Thanksgiving party. Valley Hi is a rehab and nursing home in Woodstock. Those who attended the event participated in many different activities such as nail painting, coloring and games. All club members spent time making memories and sharing laughs with the residents.

Jodie Winkelman (10) is a board member and also selects scholarships for those involved in Key Club. She was just one of the many members who participated in this event. “Whenever we go to Valley Hi, we always have such an amazing time,” shares Winkelman. Activities such as these allow for the members to engage and have experience with people from all kinds of backgrounds.“My favorite part is making conversations with the residents because they are so nice and I enjoyed talking about old movies they watch and older songs they like to listen to,” explains Winkelman. She had many conversations with the residents learned a lot about each of their past. Winkleman is thankful to have spent the afternoon with the residents and is looking forward to returning closer to Christmas time. 

Kat Strode, the treasurer of Key Club, likewise attended the Valley Hi Thanksgiving Party. Strode organized all of the club’s money and held a significant role in making this event happen. While painting nails, Strode engaged in many different conversations with the residents. “We talked about their thoughts and opinions on music now versus when they were in high school.” While doing so, they listened to some of the residents’ favorite music. Overall, Strode enjoyed her time at Valley Hi and loved seeing all the residents participating in the fun.

The President of Key Club, Kevin Kumm, participated in the game Bunco at Valley Hi. The object of the game is to roll the dice and accumulate the most “Wins” or “BUNCOs” during four sets of play. While playing the games, Kumm and other volunteers engaged in conversations with the residents. “My favorite part was talking with them about Thanksgiving and Christmas.” Everyone shared memories and stories about their favorite holiday memories. Kumm enjoyed spending time interacting with the residents of Valley Hi and is ecstatic that the event was a success. 

This Thanksgiving, Marian’s Key Club expressed their gratitude and appreciation towards Valley Hi Nursing Home. Whether it was coloring, painting nails, or just having a good conversation, each of these Key Club members had an unforgettable time. Marian always loves the opportunity to volunteer at Valley Hi and is looking forward to the next return.