All She Wants To Do Is Dance

The dance team starting their final practice before competing.

Maddison Shepard, Crown Writer and Photographer

With lots to do, from choreographing to fixing little details in their dance, the dance team is restlessly preparing for upcoming competitions, to do what they love. Dance captains Catherine Pawlak (11), Sofie Brown (12), and Lauren Biasco (11) work with the team to create and improve their competition dance to be the best it can. However, this means getting to work right away.

To begin the extraneous process, the dance team began with practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They came together each practice to accomplish the same goal of making this dance one of their best. The girls already had a dance choreographed, but it wasn’t quite right yet. After weeks of reviewing it and making corrections, they had themselves a contending dance.  Sofie Brown (12) was overwhelmed but still looked forward to spending time with her teammates. She shares that, “I love spending time with the team, even through thick and thin.” It was this mentality that kept the team going through the tough practices and hardwork. 

Even though the team had a lot of work at their hands, they still shared a joined love and bond. Olivia Striedl (10), one of the dancers, shares what she loves so much about the team and how she enjoys what they are doing together. “It shows how great our team bond can be through all we have done and gone through,” Striedl (10) said. This work they have put into the dance, however, has not gone unnoticed. Coach Carrie Ross is so proud of the team and how well they worked together to pull off such a big task, she says, “We have a young team with enormous potential and I can’t wait to see what they bring to the floor. It’s been impressive to watch.”